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  • Dennison took over the OC role in Denver once Kubiak left. The offense improved under him until the firing of Shannahan. When McDaniels came in he was demoted to O-line duties. He's had a pretty potent offense pre-McDaniels. He's best friends with Kubiak, I think they've known each other since their playing days. He did a stint at Colorado State as a coach before hitting the bigs.

    So in short he's very familiar with our offensive philosophies and should take over the play-calling duties. He should (it's still a little hard to put the rose colored shades on.) help get us over that hump and into the playoffs.

    Next yr. will be the first yr. Kubes will have the staff he originally wanted in 06'.

    I'm kind of disappointed in Gibbs leaving. I think he did great for us last yr. and this yr. took a step back. I'm not sure of his involvement throughout the season, but hopefully Benton and Matthews learned enough to get the running game going before the season next yr. I wish him the best of luck. Oh, I don't think his leaving should hurt us as Dennison was his first protoge'.


    • Congrats to Andre making the All-Pro first team, and to Cush for making the 2nd team.


      • End of the decade. How about an all decade team. Even though we haven't been around a decade.

        Here goes my offense.

        QB- Matt Schaub-I mean look at the other option.
        RB- Steve Slaton
        Dominick Davis - Only two backs to gain 1000 yds in a season.
        FB- Vonta Leach- this one was actually close, Morris who went to the 49ers was pretty good.
        WR- Andre Johnson- Duh
        Kevin Walter
        David Anderson- he's been more consistent during his time here, good YAC, and reliable hands.
        TE- OD- Pro-bowl TE, no other TE on our team has come close.
        RT- Eric Winston
        RG- Fred Weary- lost to injury, but was real good at his job.
        C- Steve McKinney- Dude had total comand and respect on that line.
        LG- Chester Pitts- Not just because he's been the only one, he's really good.
        LT- Duane Brown- First franchise tackle. Thank god we have one now.


        • I'd go Corey Bradford over Anderson for sure.


          • I like your list Datchapin, haha pretty similar to our current team. The only change I would make would be to put Charles Spencer at LT. Before he was injured he was playing pretty well, at least at a higher level than Duane Brown has yet reached.

            It's not fair he had a career ending injury so early, I miss Spencer.


            • Originally posted by America View Post
              I'd go Corey Bradford over Anderson for sure.
              I actually have no problem with Anderson over Bradford, he is clutch. It seems like ages ago when we had Bradford and Gaffney as our starters, thank god those days are over.

              I hate seeing the Jets win, but wouldnt it be great to see them beat the Colts after the Colts laid down and let the Jets win that game.


              • Just think though, Anderson was picked one spot before...Marques Colston.


                • I thought about Spencer, talent-wise, but I went with accomplishments. Anderson is clutch and I remember Bradford had a ton of drops. Dang America, thanx for reminding us...... its all in the past now.


                  • Defense was a little trickier because we ran a different system under the different regimes. I decided to go 4-3 because honestly that's where most of our talent lies. Without further delay here I go.

                    DE- Mario Williams- Duh.
                    Antonio Smith- It's only been one season, but he's shown talent here that nobody else has.

                    DT- Seth Payne- Always a solid guy.
                    Jeff Zgognia- Sorry, couldn't spell. Most productive and consistent guy here under this regime. Kinda sad considering we had 2 first rders here.

                    SLB- Cush- Yeah.

                    MLB- Demeco- Another obvious choice.

                    WLB- Jamie Sharper- Sorry Diles, Sharper impacted the game more.

                    CB- Aaron Glenn- Our only pro-bowler at the position.
                    Jacque Reeves- Again I suck with spelling. I like Quinn, but Reeves was doing it longer.

                    SS- Pollard- I really like his style of play.
                    FS- Eugene Wilson- It's kinda sad that the secondary takes less than two yrs. to be the best in 8. Really shows its about time we do something about this area of the team.


                    • I'd probably just put it as a 3-4 even if the players don't match up well because we've had much more talent at LB.

                      DE - Mario Williams
                      NT - Seth Payne
                      DE - Gary Walker - Pro Bowler in 2002
                      OLB - Kailee Wong - Former team career sack leader also had 33 PD
                      ILB - Jamie Sharper
                      ILB - Demeco Ryans
                      OLB - Brian Cushing
                      CB - Aaron Glenn
                      FS - Marcus Coleman - 11 picks and 42 PD in 4 years as a starter
                      SS - Bernard Pollard
                      CB - Dunta Robinson - as much as he sucks now, he was good for his first 3 years



                        Texans quarterback Matt Schaub has been added to the AFC Pro Bowl roster after New England's Tom Brady was forced to pull out due to an injury, the NFL released on its Web site late Tuesday night.

                        Schaub, who will be making his first Pro Bowl appearance, led the NFL in passing with 4,770 yards this season. The other AFC quarterbacks are Peyton Manning of Indianapolis and Phillip Rivers of San Diego.

                        Schaub joins wide receiver Andre Johnson, defensive end Mario Williams and linebackers Brian Cushing and DeMeco Ryans as Texans representatives on the AFC roster.

                        The Pro Bowl will be held Jan. 31 in Miami.


                        • Thats awesome that Schaub is now going, he should of been on the original roster. I guess that Rivers also dropped out so vince young is going, if there was a more undeserving piece of **** in the NFL i dont know who it is. What the **** is the love affair with this guy???? So what he can run with the ball, but he cant throw worth a ****. I will take a pocket qb over a scrambler anyday of the week. Its easy to look good when you have probably the best RB in the league right now who runs for more yards than you pass for.

                          QBs more deserving: Palmer, Orton, Sanchez


                          • Originally posted by jjmt2500 View Post
                            QBs more deserving: Palmer, Orton, Sanchez
                            Sanchez was terrible this season. Nobody likes Orton and Palmer was average all year. Vince had an 8-2 record after they were 0-6. QB's are judged by wins and he's had some great wins this year, most notably the 99 yard TD drive to beat Arizona.

                            And people love Vince Young because he's clutch, people like him as a teammate, and because he's one of the greatest college players of all time.


                            • It was so damn frustrating playing Vince the second time we played the Titans. Do you really think that if Sanchez had been playing quarterback they Titans would have beaten us? Vince is really elusive, which buys time for receivers to get open, and can make a play out of practically nothing. Kerry Collins was playing with the same running back, but they didn't manage to win a single game. Although he didn't play the full season, I'd say Vince deserves it.


                              • I dont see it, i want more that 88 yards passing from my QB, i get the whole college deal, but this is the NFL. Palmer went 10-6 and had way better numbers.



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