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  • Originally posted by broth223 View Post
    20. Houston Texans - Taylor Mays, S, USC
    44. Houston Texans (f/MIA) - Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU
    83. Houston Texans - Geno Atkins, DT, Georgia
    179. Houston Texans - Stafon Johnson, RB, USC
    211. Houston Texans - Walter McFadden, CB, Auburn

    5th traded for Julius Jones

    Did I win.

    Yes you did Win. I like those picks.


    • I wish the Texans didn't let Dunta walk.

      If he wanted big money, then I'd understand.

      I do think a team will step up and pay Dunta.

      What do the Texans do now at CB?

      Do they look at Free Agent CB Leigh Bodden?

      I'm not as high on Antonio Cromartie as others are, but I'd definitely take on the Texans in a trade for a late draft pick or something.

      I like CB Joe Haden A LOT , but he should be LONG GONE by the time the Texans pick at #20.

      Maybe Patrick Robinson or Kyle Wilson?

      Is Donovan Warren likely to be around in the 2nd round or he a 1st round draft pick?
      Now FS Antrel Rolle looks like he is going to be available. How much cash is this guy likely going to want?

      I wonder if having Frank Bush at Def. Coordinator for the Texans might help with that IF the Texans have any interest in Rolle.


      • I am not upset about Dunta. Statistically he was nowhere near a top five corner and didn't deserve that amount of money. I dunno if you guys listen to sportstalk on the radio. I listen to 790 AM and Guin was really upset with them not franchising him claiming lack of pass rush hurting him. I couldn't get through, I might try again Monday. However the numbers don't lie when QB's threw at Robinson they had a 99 QB rating. Robinson dropped one of the easiest Ints. on our Monday night game. Robinson lost his closing speed and I watched him on a lot of plays during the season. The guy was committing penalties on most of the plays and was lucky not to be called on many of them.

        What upsets me the most is how he claimed to want to be here. Yet last yr. he turned down a good offer after coming off a horrible injury. He held out and refused to sign the franchise tag until right before the season. This yr. he wasn't franchised, but also he hasn't taken any action that would lead you to believe that he wants to be here. Other than saying he wouldn't mind being franchised again this off-season.

        Leigh Bodden would be an upgrade, performance wise. I don't know what kind of leader he is, but he had 5 ints. and a QB ratings in the 50's when thrown at.

        Dunta was a solid player, but not enough to be brought back at the price he was asking.


        • I am glad to see Dunta go. Great stats datchapin, i remember so many times watching a reciever get a wide open pass and Dunta running 10 yards behind him.

          Sounds like we are not going to bring Walter back. I saw this coming during the season, you can tell the coaching staff is wanting Jacoby to step in and be the starter and then i see Anderson getting more involved, as he should be. I can see Washington picking up Walter.

          Everyday i look online to see if we have locked up Ryans, OD, or Pollard yet. Why is this not happening?? I dont want to see us just offer the RF tender, we need these guys locked up and happy for a long time. OD has already said he is not going to camp with out a long term deal.


          • I'm not ready to give up on LT to Houston yet....

            Maybe the Texas don't need LT, but I think that he could help in goal line situations and be a nice situational RB for Houston.
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            • The Jets are letting Thomas Jones hit the market. I dont understand why this guy was let go from the Bears and I dont understand why the Jets are letting him go. All he does is rack up 1000 yards every year. I would love to see this guy come to town as our featured back, and have Slaton and Foster back him up.


              • So Jones or Taylor???
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                Originally posted by njx9
                oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


                • Originally posted by broth223 View Post
                  So Jones or Taylor???
                  I'd go with Jones.


                  • Yeah thats a very easy choice. Jones is 31 but he gets better every year, had his best season last year.


                    • Texans finally tendered there RFAs. OD and Ryans both got the highest, 1st and 3rd round. Not sure what Pollard got, but i would assume at least a 1st round tender. The only one not tendered was Busing, but who cares. Now OD, Ryans, and Pollard all need to get long term deals before training camp starts, this is not the season to be having star players sitting out of camp because of contract issues.


                      • This is shaping up real good. All the Texans need to do now is improve. A Pass rusher, running back and safety and we are home free. This should not be that hard considering what will be available in the draft and free agency!!!! This year is a chance to make a quantum leap!!!!!!
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                        • Tell me about G Chester Pitts. (something besides he was a 2nd rd pick form San Diego St & he has a perfect pornstar name) ;o)

                          I read the Detroit lions are interested in signing him.


                          • Originally posted by SINCE1978 View Post
                            Tell me about G Chester Pitts. (something besides he was a 2nd rd pick form San Diego St & he has a perfect pornstar name) ;o)

                            I read the Detroit lions are interested in signing him.
                            He is coming off a season ending knee injury, the year before he had his best year by far. He is a solid starter, not great but solid. Very high character guy. Not sure how much he will be missed.

                            Congrats on getting KVB, i am very happy we dont have to play him twice a year anymore.


                            • Haha Dunta got 6yr/57 million...good for him but way way way overpaid.


                              • Leigh Bodden is coming to Houston. I hope we land him.

                                John McClain may be our only reporter on the Texans, but man he sucks, it's really frustrating when we don't hear anything and he begins speculating.



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