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    There's already a thread on Amobi, but we should discuss the other picks as well.

    Amobi Okoye DT- awesome, will contribute for many years to come.

    Jacoby Jones WR- He is fast, and is a decent leaper, but has small hands which leads to drops and fumbles. He is also a little reluctant to go over the middle, but regardless he will be a viable option, and fills a huge need for us, we really needed a WR.

    Fred Bennett CB- My favorite non Clemson player in the draft. He is a fantastic player with great size, solid speed, and fantastic leaping ability. He needs to work on his ball skills, but he has a ton of upside and could develop into one of the better starting CB's in the NFL. I have a lot of faith in Bennett and would not be surprised to see him jump into the starting lineup quickly. If he doesn't start he would be a great nickel back.

    Brandon Harrison S- Strong smart player, could be a good situational player. If any injury hits CC or Glen then we will get to see what he's made of. He could be a surprise he's a great athlete.

    Brandon Frye OT- Very little starting experience, but has great athletic ability and potential. Will be a long-term project, but has ability. He could turn into something or nothing, we really don't know what we've got here. More suited for RT.

    Kasey Studdard OG- Extremely strong underrated prospect. Could be a real mauler for us, but is not good at pulling. He is a beast and could get solid PT soon.

    Zach Diles LB- Short, but stout, good run stuffer, possibly could become a situational player/ rotation man. Probably won't ever contribute much more than that besides as a special teamer.

    I loved our draft and would give it a B+.

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    i would have liked to see us get a OT in the first day just in case Spencer can't recover from his injury


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      cough cough.. justin blalock was taken with the pick we traded to the falcons.


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        Originally posted by StromileSwift View Post
        cough cough.. justin blalock was taken with the pick we traded to the falcons.
        damnit schaub. o well, we got studdard.


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          I like all of our picks, I just wish we had a second rounder.


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            I think Jacoby is a bit raw. Considering how little time he's been focused on football that's to be expected. I think his hand size will be a minimal worry if he works hard. I really like his attitude and that he played well against better competition at the east-west shrine game. He did an interview on 610 the other day and sounded very confident in himself. I don't see him being a big contributer right from the start, but I think by the end of the season he will be an integral part of our offense. I think he plays faster than his timed speed and had he ran better he might not have been there for us.

            Fred Bennett is really interesting. He has great tangibles and I think him re-joining D-Rob will ease his transition onto the team. I think like all our other picks he needs a little polish, but if he improves over the season I think we could have a very solid CB unit, I don't think he starts the season, but he should get playing time and by the end of the season could be entrenched opposite D-Rob as starters.

            Harrison- I like the fact that he's played CB, alot of people talk about his coverage skills and his size would lend him to being a SS, but at this point I think he has the upside and intellegence to settle into FS and be a solid contributor.

            Frye- Don't really know much about him, might just be for depth and might end up on the practice squad.

            Studdard, I think is gonna be Steve McKinney's eventual replacement, the guy has good upside his mean streak is a breath of fresh air and I think this guy could totally be a contributor. He adds depth to an improving line.

            Diles, agree, if he does make the team I think it'll be as a special teams contributor. Hopefully I'm wrong, but only time will tell.


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              I think Diles is going to be a huge steal in this draft. He played in Junior college before and in his senior season in the Big 12 he had 99 tackles and 3.5 sacks. That isn't too bad at all. For anybody. He may have played in the weaker half of the conference but still...the Big 12 is known for football. He is big enough, and is a solid tackler. He may not have the speed, but thats what people had against Demeco Ryans too. Don't take this as me calling him the next Ryans, but I think he could become a solid contributor in his career.


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                Maybe, he is going to be fighting an uphill battle just to make the team this year. We have a lot of solid LB's and that is our deepest area on defense, so if he makes it I'm excited to see what he can do.


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                  our draft was good...

                  i don't get why numerous people are panning our draft and claiming it to be the worst (look no further than scott wright)...



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