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Next years draft?

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    Originally posted by comahan View Post
    Im on the Mendenhall bandwagon. If we cant get Kenny Phillips, I want Mendenhall.
    I am now too. After yesterday, he was about the only bright spot Illinois had against a great USC defense. In a perfect draft we would some how trade back in the first round after we get Mendenhall and get Clady. It wont happen since we dont have enough fire power to get back in but I will keep dreaming.


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      My Big Board:
      1) Reshard Mendenhall
      2) Kenny Phillips
      3) Ryan Clady or any other OT

      Baltimore: 7-4


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        Jamaal Charles.


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          In my perfect world, we would trade up into the draft and nab the playmaker we need at halfback in Darren McFadden. However that won't happen. I think that right now we can be competitive for another year with our halfback situation so I think that we should go secondary. However with the lack of great first round playmakers I think we might be best suited taking another pass rusher or possibly outside linebacker. I feel like our offensive line significantly got better this year simply because our quarterbacks get rid of the ball. I think if we can't get a huge playmaker on offense we need to help solidify our defense. I think we are one great safety away from that. But another pass rusher and/or OLB we could become one of the best defenses in the league within the next year or 2.



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