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  • Colts CB Situation

    A little article I whipped up too, but I do have a good question.

    If you were forced to pick one, which loss was greater.

    Jason David or Nick Harper?
    Is that a rash?

    Give JKPIGSKIN credit for this masterpiece

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    For me Jason David was better than Harper.
    He's younger and smarter than Harper.
    I Think that We don't have to worry too much about the CB's.
    Hughes is going to do a great job for us and I'm Waiting to see Timm Jennings in the field.
    He's really fast,let's see if he also knows how to play well in the NFL.


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      Nick Harper was a bigger loss. But I think our CB situation is better then most. We have 5 CBs with good upside.


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        Harper was the bigger loss.

        The problem arises when people use statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post: for support instead of illumination.

        If luck is where preparation meets opportunity, then clutch is where failure meets luck.

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          David was the bigger lost, but with five outstanding DB's in the wings I don't think either lost will be felt.

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            Harper was bigger loss IMO

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