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    Will he see more playing time this season?

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    One would certainly think that. Quin played better in the 2nd half of the season as he got more playing time. I'd doubt he'll start this year, though he will be in the DT rotation behind the starters Johnson and Brock. Dawson figures to play on 3rd down passing situations.

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      Quinn Pitcock, or Q-Pit as I have dubbed him :), is awesome. I'm so glad the Colts drafted him, he'll definitely be a big part of the defense up front.

      If you have the time, look at the Darren Sproles' 52-yard touchdown in the Chargers/Colts playoff game (yeah I know it sucks! but trust me). But look at Q-Pit, he goes from the opposite side of the field to the sideline and almost makes the tackle on Sproles. One more inch and he would have brought him down, amazing that a big man could almost make that play. He's more than just the run-stuffer he was pegged as during the Draft last year, he's agile and fits the defense.

      Also, I nominate his teammate's nickname as Big Cat Ed Johnson. Ed is the missing Thundercat (if you catch the 80s cartoon reference) imo. :D
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