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2009 Regular Season - Week 17 Colts at Bills (Sunday 1pm ET)

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  • My points after the Titans game

    So far, as of game 12, these are the positives and negatives that I like about the state of the Colts:

    1. Top of the list is our running game - it is improving game by game and if we meet the Chargers again, which I think we will do, it will be the running game that will win it for us.
    2. Garcon is holding on to hot read / quick slant passes, that is a big HUGE improvement that will serve us well against blitzing teams in the playoffs. Garcon's upside is scary for other teams. Manning just loves any WR lined up on his right, huh?
    3. Our run D and goal line stands, it is easier to throw for a TD against this Colts D than to punch it in from close, IMO. But let us not get that secret out.
    4. League leading 51% 3rd down O
    5. We don't make too many mistakes to beat ourselves, and that has been a sign of a well coached team there, props to Caldwell.

    1. Now, Alex Smith and Vince Young have had a 2 minute drill at the end of a half to march their teams down for a TD. I flat out do not like that. A good passing team that can stop our O just enough does not have drops like Nate Washington did and will make us pay for it. Let us not forget Alex Smith and the 49ers went back to their huddled offense in the second half and I wondered why they did not do the shotgun more often. Brady went shotgun a lot and put up 34 on us.
    2. I still have issues with Jacob Lacey on slants, the more the wideouts, the more Lacey will be tested and more the film teams will have on those slants.
    3. Once in the Seahawks game, once in the Titans game, we have lost 2 onside kick recoveries. At some point, a team trying to mount a comeback, instead of kicking it off, will go for an onside kick maybe right after a half and it might lead to a change in momentum in a close playoff game.
    4. 3rd down D is still not at an acceptable level. I will take 40% over 50% any day but hovering around 50% is not going to cut it in close games.


    • If Geo is gone we need to get a new Team Leader that can keep this place going a bit more.


      • We need a taller corner to match up against a guy like brandon marshall. Hopefully Vincent Jackson and the rest of San Diego's tall guys dont have their way with us like Marshall.
        Sam Bradford will be a bust- 2/24/2010

        Colts Cardinals Bulls Hurricanes


        • Originally posted by killxswitch View Post
          If Geo is gone we need to get a new Team Leader that can keep this place going a bit more.
          Agree. Geo hasn't been on since like October.

          Sounds like anyone who is remotely gimpy won't play vs. the Jags. Secondary and Diem/Johnson on the o-line are really banged up. Makes ya wonder where we get enough able bodies to play on Thursday. Anyone else actually think Manning and the starters actually play the whole game? I doubt it very much.


          • I don't think our starters will play the whole game either.

            I expect to see A LOT of Mike Hart.


            • Good game.

              by BoneKrusher
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              • Another come from behind victory.

                Defense didn't play great, but they were resting some starters.

                Excellent game from Foster.


                • Finally got to see a game (haven't seen Indy in action, sans RedZone since the Baltimore game).

                  A few things I've noticed:

                  The Running Backs are improving substantially. I'm not talking about the running game, I actually mean the running backs overall play. Addai isn't necessarily having a "revival" of his rookie campaign, but even though he struggled a lot tonight; I am liking how's he running. Maybe it's just me. Hart had a nice pick-up that resulted in a first down and HOW ABOUT THAT CHAD SIMPSON!? A KICK OFF RETURN?!?!?

                  I love Peyton. 'Nuff said.

                  On the ground, the Colts did limit MJD a bit. That draw play didn't look good in the 4th but I think it was an improvement over previous encounters. Sims-Walker is a great WR and it's hard to contain him but there was some struggles. Secondary has done OK when you consider the injuries to Hayden, Jackson, Sanders so I can't fault them too much but I am nervous if there's a second encounter with NE.

                  It's a good game to win. I was very confident throughout the game that the Colts could pull it out. Winning is winning and it's sweet.
                  Is that a rash?

                  Give JKPIGSKIN credit for this masterpiece


                  • Here come the Jets. I am not worried about Sanchez or Edwards, I think our D will limit them just fine. I'm not even that worried about Jones and Greene running it down our throats. I am most concerned about the Jets' blitz getting to Manning enough that Caldwell pulls him from the game. I'm sure that will be Ryan's strategy even if it means a couple late hit penalties.


                    • Agree with ya Kill. Don't think Manning and Co. play the whole game this Sunday. Powers is still out but Gonzo and Brown did practice on Monday. Maybe we get them back this week.


                      • Gonzo placed on IR
                        Sam Bradford will be a bust- 2/24/2010

                        Colts Cardinals Bulls Hurricanes


                        • Damnit. I was really hoping to go undefeated.

                          How the heck do you give up a kickoff TD to a freaking backup QB?

                          Oh well. Now we can concentrate on trying to win the SB. I hope we can get it done.
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                          • Turned the game off after Painter fumbled . . . Yikes that looked bad! Hadn't quit watching a Colts game in years . . . Let's hope they get everything back in order by the middle of Jan . . I'm sick of watching 1 and done deals with this team.


                            • Re-charging batteries

                              A friend of mine that is a big Pats fan told me that he felt that the Patriots of 2007 almost squeaked through the playoffs barely based on the momentum of their undefeated season. Though they were playing playoffs Ds, except for maybe 1 divisional round game against the Jaguars, their offense was not as dominant or sharp as it was in the regular season. It almost seemed like there was enough of their intensity drained offensively in the pursuit of a perfect regular season. They just were not sharp in the Chargers AFCCG or in the Super Bowl offensively, in fact it was their experienced but older D that kept them in those games. Credit does need to go to the Ds that they were facing but based on how the entire year went, a little more was expected of the Patriots than scoring 21 and 14 points in the AFCCG and Super Bowl against the Chargers and the Giants, IMO.

                              If there was any element of truth to that, the end of perfection could serve as a test of character of our players' veteran leadership and could help them re-charge their batteries. People think that winning the SB would be the only way they can make up for giving up on the perfect season so timidly but they are wrong. They were never related to each other in the first place, so one would not make up for the lack of the other whatsoever. I expect this team to play loose knowing they have only 1 thing to play for now. The key however is the younger players, they are not used to stopping their momentum on a dime and resume it later in the playoffs. All the healthy younger players should get playing time - especially Collie and Brown. It does not make up for the disappointment caused by the decision from the GM and coaching staff but I sure would welcome a Thursday night opener in Indianapolis for the defending SB champion, maybe a Manning Bowl II.:)

                              Just trying to stay positive amid all the negativity floating around right now to get through this week.:)
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                              • Polian sucks but I am proud of the players. If anyone can regroup and focus on the SB it's these guys.



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