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2009 Regular Season - Week 17 Colts at Bills (Sunday 1pm ET)

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    Eric Foster is noticeably playing well, plus you get this:


    "We took the fight to 'em, baby!" screamed defensive tackle Eric Foster as he shook owner Jim Irsay's hand and then entered a jubilant locker room.
    Love this guy.
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      A few more bits I noticed.

      -Manning seems to be more "trusting" in both Garcon and to a lesser extent, Austin Collie. Still you can see that it's not a crisp connection yet but Garcon can be a very good player in this league and Collie is going to be dependable. Maybe not a superstar like Wayne/Dallas Clark or a player with vast potential like Garcon but someone who will get a big first down and a good block.

      -Donald Brown. The Explosion. He runs with such...tenacity. I feel like he gets faster when he hits someone. It's so cool to watch and realize that he is on the Blue Team.

      -Loving the pass-rush and the team did look good as a unit. I'm worried about Adam V but I trust him still. He isn't in Brad Lidge territory yet.
      Is that a rash?

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        I thought Keyunta Dawson looked as good as I've seen him this year too. Hopefully he plays well, especially if Freeney misses some time.
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          Source: Freeney likely out two games

          Updated: September 29, 2009, 10:35 AM ET
          By Adam Schefter

          Doctors are expecting Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney to miss two to three weeks with a strained quadriceps, a league source said Tuesday morning.

          It should be pointed out that in the past, Freeney has been a notoriously quick healer. But if doctors are correct, Freeney would miss the Colts next two games against Seattle and at Tennessee before Indianapolis hits its bye week on Oct. 18. Under that schedule, Freeney could return for the Colts' game Oct. 25 at St. Louis.

          Freeney was apparently injured Sunday night, when Cardinals offensive tackle Levi Brown pulled the Indianapolis defensive end's face mask and Freeney heard a pop in his quad. He underwent an MRI exam on Monday and the Colts received the results Monday night.
          Hopefully Schefter is right with this info. Obviously it sucks losing Freeney for a few weeks, most especially the game at Tennessee, but more important is that he could recover and return reasonably soon.
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            We don't need him vs. Seattle or vs. Tennessee, or even vs. St. Louis. He'll have 3 and possibly 4 weeks of rest to make sure his leg is good to go. I"m disappointed for him, as he was on his way to a career high in sacks, but we really need him for the later part of the season and the post-season.

            I didn't think Keiaho was that bad. He was better than Senn.


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              I've had this Seattle game "circled" as the game Bob Sanders would return to the field (by).
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                Charlie Johnson. We haven't mentioned his name much at all so far this year. That's a good thing. He's done pretty good so far in pass protection. He still seems a bit loss when in the open field blocking on screens but I guess you don't expect a 6th rounder to be an all world LT.


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                  Johnson was pretty bad in open field blocking. Both Addai and Brown paid for that on plays that could've been better had Ugoh been in the game. That said, he has done a good job in most other aspects and has proven he deserves the starting job. I still think Ugoh has more talent, but he's just too much of a headcase to use it I guess. What a waste.


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                    Santi was apparently resigned today.

                    Via Yahoo/AP


                    Phil B. from the Star also has the same info.

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                      Not "re-signed" so much as signed to the practice squad.


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                        It isn't a surprise. The team like what they see from Santi. His play isn't what stops him playing. Like Mike Hart if he can regain his health then he will contribute.
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                          Good thing Hasselback is not playing

                          If Hasselback were playing, we will miss Freeney and Brackett badly and John Carlson would go off on us.:)

                          I still expect Buffalo Bills style football played by the Seahawks, good special teams, dink and dunk to RBs to move the chains and playing chew-the-clock style of football.


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                            Yeah, they probably will try to run the ball a lot. I don't think it will work out for them, but then zone blocking has given the Colts defense a little grief in the last few years (04ish Broncos, Texans the last two years).

                            I heard the Seahawks will be playing their third-string left tackle. Good news for whoever plays at RDE this week, likely Raheem Brock. But I think we'll see all four guys - Mathis, Brock, Eric Foster, and Keyunta Dawson - get snaps and do well. They'll do a very good job.

                            Offensively, I think the Colts are going to give the Hawks some major grief. It will be interesting to see how the Colts line-up.

                            If they go 2-TE with both TEs lined up inline, as they have been doing a lot so far this season, they could leave a linebacker and/or a safety trying to cover Dallas Clark. Emphasis on trying.

                            But if the Colts give a three-wide look, that could force Seattle to play in a nickel defense. Even assuming Josh Wilson does play this game, first off he won't be 100 percent after suffering a high ankle sprain a week and a half ago, but also the corners behind him are Travis Fisher and Kelly Jennings. The Colts' receiving threats can beat those guys (I think Garcon has another good game). Plus a nickel defense leaves them to be gashed further by the Colts' running game.
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                              2009 Regular Season - Week 4: Seattle

                              Indianapolis Colts

                              QB: Peyton Manning
                              RB: Joseph Addai
                              H-B: Gijon Robinson
                              TE: Dallas Clark
                              LWR: Reggie Wayne
                              RWR: Pierre Garçon
                              LT: Charlie Johnson
                              LG: Ryan Lilja
                              C: Jeff Saturday
                              RG: Mike Pollak
                              RT: Ryan Diem

                              LE: Robert Mathis
                              UT: Ed Johnson
                              NT: Antonio Johnson
                              RE: Raheem Brock
                              WLB: Clint Session
                              MLB: Freddie Keiaho
                              SLB: Tyjuan Hagler
                              LCB: Tim Jennings
                              RCB: Jerraud Powers
                              FS: Antoine Bethea
                              SS: Melvin Bullitt

                              PK: Adam Vinatieri
                              P: Pat McAfee
                              H: Pat McAfee
                              LS: Justin Snow
                              KR: TJ Rushing
                              PR: TJ Rushing

                              Current Injuries:

                              Chad Simpson - RB: Questionable
                              Anthony Gonzalez - WR: Questionable
                              Keyunta Dawson - DE: Questionable
                              Dwight Freeney - DE: Questionable
                              Gary Brackett - LB: Questionable
                              Kelvin Hayden - CB: Questionable
                              Bob Sanders - S: Questionable

                              Seattle Seahawks

                              QB: Seneca Wallace
                              RB: Julius Jones
                              FB: Owen Schmitt
                              TE: John Carlson
                              LWR: Nate Burleson
                              RWR: TJ Houshmandzadeh
                              LT: Brandon Frye
                              LG: Mansfield Wrotto
                              C: Steve Vallos
                              RG: Max Unger
                              RT: Ray Willis

                              LE: Corey Redding
                              UT: Brandon Mebane
                              NT: Colin Cole
                              RE: Patrick Kerney
                              WLB: Will Herring
                              MLB: David Hawthorne
                              SLB: Aaron Curry
                              LCB: Kelly Jennings
                              RCB: Ken Lucas
                              FS: Jordan Babineaux
                              SS: Deon Grant

                              PK: Olindo Mare
                              P: Jon Ryan
                              H: Jon Ryan
                              LS: Kevin Houser
                              KR: Deon Butler
                              PR: Nate Burleson

                              Current Injuries:

                              Matt Hasselbeck - QB: Questionable
                              Justin Griffit - FB: Questionable
                              Sean Locklear - OT: Out
                              Walter Jones - OT: Questionable
                              Brandon Frye - OT: Probable
                              Rob Sims - OG: Questionable
                              Leroy Hill - LB: Out
                              Lofa Tatupu - LB: Questionable
                              Josh Wilson - CB: Questionable
                              Ken Lucas - CB: Questionable
                              Jordan Babineaux - S: Probable


                              Both teams are carrying some pretty heavy injury lists and this game will show who has the better 53 rather than who has the better starters.

                              Pass Offense:

                              There was a lot of doom and gloom from the pundits when the team cut Marvin Harrison in the Offseason and even more doom and gloom after Anthony Gonzalez got hurt. All it has done though is given the likes of Pierre Garçon and Austin Collie the chance to step up. And they have. Collie is quickly developing a good repore with Manning while Garçon has been on fire the last two games. The Passing Offense will cause the Seahawks some problems. The Seahawks secondary is in a bit of a shambles. It isn't that brilliant when fully healthy and three starters aren't currently healthy. With Garçon stepping up and giving Manning a good target on the Right, and defenses struggling to put two men on both Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark, as well as the other underneath players playing well, the Seahawks will not be able to commit more than a 4 man rush on most plays. And for all our concerns about them in the run up to the season the line has looked pretty good on passing plays. Peyton Manning has put up 3 300 yard games this season and I fully expect him to make it 4 from 4 while adding a few more Touchdowns to his stat sheet.

                              Run Offense:

                              The Seahawks Run Defense hasn't been the most impressive this year. And they are having real trouble defending runs up the gut. The Colts have struggled to run outside Right Tackle this year and need to focus on running the ball through the middle. I don't really expect there to be significant improvment in the Running game but I do see a few big plays in this game, especially from Donald Brown.

                              Pass Defense:

                              The Seahawks are limping out of the traps on passing downs. The key thing for the Colts is to force them into obvious passing downs. The Seahawks starting Left Tackle will probably be their backup Right Tackle. Whoever plays at Right End (probably Raheem Brock) could be in for a productive day. The team need to cover TJ and John Carlson well as Seneca Wallace will look to get rid of the ball quickly. TJ isn't a deep threat and it means that Melvin Bullitt could be brought in to team with Hagler and double cover Carlson for the entire game. The key thing is just stick to the basics. Rush the passer, don't make mistakes and force Seneca Wallace to try and do something with the ball.

                              Run Defense:

                              The Seahawks have struggled to run the ball through the middle and towards Left Tackle so far this season. All exchange has been towards their Right Tackle and with Raheem Brock playing on the Right handside it will put pressure on Robert Mathis to perform on run downs. Mathis needs to have a big game. The team need to stop the Seahawks run game and force them to pass ball.

                              Special Teams:

                              The Special Teams have improved slightly compared to last year. Overall we have had a better field position average than we have given up but it isn't by a significant margin. The Coverage team need to step it up and really secure us a good defensive field position and force teams to have to pass the ball.

                              Prediction: Seahawks - 14 vs Colts - 24
                              Originally posted by George Carlin

                              In Football the object is for the Field General to be on target with his aerial assault, riddling the Defence by hitting his Receivers with deadly accuracy, in spite of the Blitz, even if he has to use the Shotgun. With short bullet passes and long bombs he marches his troops into enemy territory, balancing this aerial assault with a sustained ground attack which punches holes in the forward wall of the enemy’s Defensive Line.

                              In Baseball the object is to go home and be safe.


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                                Per Rotoworld:

                                Colts declared S Bob Sanders, WR Anthony Gonzalez, CB Kelvin Hayden, LB Gary Brackett, OT Tony Ugoh and DT Fili Moala inactive for Week 4 against the Seahawks.

                                Seahawks declared QB Matt Hasselbeck, OL Walter Jones, TE Cameron Morrah, DL Michael Bennett, LB Leroy Hill, DL Red Bryant, OL Sean Locklear and DB Josh Wilson inactive for Week 4 against the Colts.
                                Wilson inactive is even better for the Colts. Freeney is active, but does he actually play?
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