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2009 Regular Season - Week 17 Colts at Bills (Sunday 1pm ET)

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  • Originally posted by Geo View Post
    Unbelievable. Same old Titans.

    Definitely expect some trick plays and also expect them to play dirty, as usual.
    I really don't think there will be many trick plays. In the past, yes, but the talent on the old Titans team wasn't even close to the Colts. Recently, Fisher hasn't been bringing a knife to a gun fight. So I don't think there will be many desperation or trick plays, unless it's an attempt to regain momentum or spark the crowd. But, knowing Fish, nothing's for certain.

    *sigh* The Titans are kinda soft this season. It's kinda like Haynesworth was the source of their mojo (Yeah baby! /Austin Powers). Which means Dan Snyder is Dr. Evil.
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    Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
    Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


    • Some good reading:

      NFL Insider: Peyton the teacher leading new generation of Colts
      (Peyton driving three hours to Columbus twice a week to work with Gonzo is amazing.)

      Garçon, Collie don't miss a beat in Colts' offense

      Pierre Garcon: Another Colts receiver on route to greatness?

      Colts defense is 'having fun': Coyer's schemes have everyone flying around from all directions

      Indianapolis Colts S Bob Sanders: “As long as we don’t have any setbacks, I think I’m going to be cool”
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      • Two players who didn't make the trip to Nashville: Kelvin Hayden and Marlin Jackson.

        Two players who did make the trip: Charlie Johnson and ... Bob Sanders.

        Could we see Bobzilla in action tomorrow night?
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        • at

          2009 Regular Season - Week 5: Tennessee

          Indianapolis Colts

          QB: Peyton Manning
          RB: Donald Brown
          H-B: Gijon Robinson
          TE: Dallas Clark
          LWR: Reggie Wayne
          RWR: Pierre Garçon
          LT: Tony Ugoh
          LG: Ryan Lilja
          C: Jeff Saturday
          RG: Mike Pollak
          RT: Ryan Diem

          LE: Raheem Brock
          UT: Ed Johnson
          NT: Antonio Johnson
          RE: Dwight Freeney
          WLB: Clint Session
          MLB: Gary Brackett
          SLB: Tyjuan Hagler
          LCB: Tim Jennings
          RCB: Jerraud Powers
          FS: Antoine Bethea
          SS: Melvin Bullitt

          PK: Adam Vinatieri
          P: Pat McAfee
          H: Pat McAfee
          LS: Justin Snow
          KR: Chad Simpson
          PR: TJ Rushing

          Current Injuries:

          Joseph Addai - RB: Questionable
          Anthony Gonzalez - WR: Out
          Charlie Johnson - T: Questionable
          Kelvin Hayden - CB: Out
          Marlin Jackson - CB: Out
          Bob Sanders - S: Doubtful

          Tennessee Titans

          QB: Kerry Collins
          RB: Chris Johnson
          FB: Ahmad Hall
          TE: Bo Scaife
          LWR: Nate Washington
          RWR: Justin Gage
          LT: Michael Roos
          LG: Eugene Amano
          C: Kevin Mawae
          RG: Jake Scott
          RT: David Stewart

          LE: Jevon Kearse
          UT: Jovan Haye
          NT: Tony Brown
          RE: Kyle Vanden Bosch
          WLB: Keith Bulluck
          MLB: Stephen Tulloch
          SLB: David Thornton
          LCB: Ryan Mouton
          RCB: Jason McCourty
          FS: Michael Griffin
          SS: Chris Hope

          PK: Rob Bironas
          P: Reggie Hodges
          H: Reggie Hodges
          LS: Ken Amato
          KR: Mark Jones
          PR: Mark Jones

          Current Injuries:

          Nate Washington - WR : Probable
          Jason Jones - DT : Questionable
          Stanford Keglar - LB : Questionable
          Colin Allred - LB : Questionable
          Keith Bulluck - LB : Probable
          Nick Harper - CB : Questionable
          Cortland Finnegan - CB : Questionable
          Vincent Fuller - S : Out


          Both teams are nursing injured secondaries and so this game could turn into a bit of a shoot out.

          Pass Offense:

          The Titans' secodnary is either going to be their backups or their injured starters (or a combination of both) which means that Peyton Manning should have a lot of fun against the Titans. The key problem the Colts could face will be the battle between Tony Ugoh and Kyle Vanden Bosch. Vanden Bosch is exactly the type of DE that Ugoh doesn't matchup well against (a strong, high motor type). This combined with the fact that the Titans have the best Safety partnership in the NFL could mean the Colts will struggle with the deep ball. Look for the underneath routes and screen passes rather than deep passes. Dallas Clark, Austin Collie and Donald Brown could have big games against Tennessee, especially as the Colts could struggle with the run as well. With the run game underpar, the deep threat gone the Colts will need to get a lot out of the Titans patchwork Cornerbacks. Fantasy Football owners should look more to Dallas Clark than to Reggie Wayne in this one.

          Run Offense:

          The Tennessee Titans have only allowed 2.8 yards per attempt this season. Of the 4 teams they have played they have played 3 run first offenses. Expect the run game to struggle against Tennessee, especially if Addai isn't at 100%. The only saving grace could be if the Titans clue against the pass early on and the Running Backs take advantage of it. Other than that I can't see much from the Running Game.

          Pass Defense:

          Despite the news that Bob Sanders has suited for the game he will probably not play, leaving the Colts without 3 of the 4 starters from last season. With Hayden, Jackson and Sanders all out it means that the Secondary is very inexperienced. The team resigned Chad Simpson to handle Returns so that Rushing can concentrate on actually playing. This, combined with an improved Titans Receiving corp and a very good Offensive Line will cause the Colts a lot of problems. The team need the likes of Jennings and Lacey to step up their games and for the Pass Rush to cause Kerry Collins to make mistakes.

          Run Defense:

          The Colts Run Defense was much improved against Arizona and Seattle but now faces a real test in Tennessee. The Titans have the 2nd best run per attempt average in the league and a Running Back who can turn any play into a Touchdown. The Run Defense needs to keep play the way it has the last two weeks because I don't know whether the Titans defense will be as kind as Miami's was.

          Special Teams:

          This game is closer than the two records will lead you to believe and it could come down to Field Goals and good field position to decide it. The Colts have really need Vinatieri this season but Pat McAfee has shown good moments. The team need Chad Simpson to show that he deserves a spot on the team.

          Prediction: Colts - 31 vs Titans - 27
          Originally posted by George Carlin

          In Football the object is for the Field General to be on target with his aerial assault, riddling the Defence by hitting his Receivers with deadly accuracy, in spite of the Blitz, even if he has to use the Shotgun. With short bullet passes and long bombs he marches his troops into enemy territory, balancing this aerial assault with a sustained ground attack which punches holes in the forward wall of the enemy’s Defensive Line.

          In Baseball the object is to go home and be safe.


          • Per Rotoworld:

            Colts declared WR Anthony Gonzalez, QB Curtis Painter, S Bob Sanders, CB Kelvin Hayden, CB Marlin Jackson, RB Mike Hart, LT Charlie Johnson and DL Fili Moala inactive for Week 5 against the Titans.

            Titans declared DE Jevon Kearse, WR Dominique Edison, S Vincent Fuller, CB Cortland Finnegan, LB Colin Allred, OT Troy Koprog, WR Lavelle Hawkins and DT Jason Jones inactive for Week 5 against the Colts.
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            • Oh man, please tell me our O can continue to play this well the whole season.

              They can just march down the field in a minute right now.


              • GG guys... I need hugs... :(
                Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

                Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
                Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


                • It is just the kind of D the Titans play

                  Originally posted by chad72 View Post
                  The style of D the Titans play in the secondary when they have a good pass rush gives ample opportunity for TEs and slot wideouts to flourish and do a good job of limiting big plays to the outside wideouts. So, I expect Clark and Collie to have a good day. But if you cannot get to Manning, game over, no matter how good your secondary is.
                  Not just saying I called it, it is just the zone coverage that the Titans play that makes it harder for catches for the outside wideouts. Collie has an amazing awareness of the amount of spacing he needs to have to sit inside or outside those zones in zone coverage that he is soon becoming our version of Wes Welker / older version of Brandon Stokely. Cerebrally, he is ahead of where Garcon was last year as a rookie, IMO because the slot is a much tougher position to play in the NFL than the outside.


                  • - I was really impressed with Lacey in this game (except for the dropped INT).
                    - Tony Ugoh sucked and I believe he was replaced with Federkeil. I hate to say it, but he really looks like a bust.
                    - This Austin Collie kid, he ain't bad.
                    - Peyton's taking names. I hope he continues to play this way.
                    - D was flying around.


                    • Thoughts on the game

                      - Great win by the Colts last night. Great team effort, especially in light of the players who couldn't play. Three night road games in four weeks btw, can you believe that? Three primetime games on the road in four weeks. And the Colts have done a stellar job, coming out of all of it and being 5-0 thus far in the season.

                      - Super job by the defense, what else can you say. They were all over the Titans. Linebackers did a good job tackling and holding their ground against the run. They really did well with their assignments, so well at times that they drew at least two holding calls because a LB was about to stuff their RB in the backfield.

                      - Rookie corners Jerraud Powers and Jacob Lacey, way to go. They played great, undrafted Lacey is such a find. He made the team thanks to the increased emphasis on coverage, and last night he put forward another example why.

                      - Although Cato aka Antonio Bethea can't form tackle to save his life, the forced fumble he made with the crown of his helmet against offensive lineman Alge Crumpler was huge. Maybe the play that change the game. Great recovery by Keyunta Dawson too, let's give him some credit.

                      - The Titans have a very good offensive line and it's tough to get at Collins, which shows how well of a performance the defensive line had. They suffocated the running game and then got in Collins' head.

                      - Freeney, what a beast. 6 straight games with a sack and that's not counting the 2 sacks against San Diego in the playoffs. 13.5 sacks in the last 12 games. And of course and as usual, it's not just the sack numbers for Freeney, he's a complete terror for offenses whenever he's on the field. And all of this is with offenses completely gameplanning against him, they know he's coming. Bill Cowher said on the CBS pregame morning show that no other DE makes you gameplan against him like Freeney, the guys in the game know the actual truth.

                      - As a guy with strong fantasy football interest, all I saw last week was how everyone projected Chris Johnson to have a monster day. My ESPN PPR league had him projected for 29.7 points! Stupid **** pissed me off so much last week, it really did, especially as I felt strongly the Colts would keep him in check. Let those idiots swallow 9 carries for 34 yards (3.8 avg), long of 8, and 2 catches for 9 yards.

                      - Larry Coyer is doing a great job leading this defense. Not only making this a complete defense, but also a creative and complex defense that is ten times better than the vanilla garbage from before. He dialed up some great pressure calls on third downs, even though not all of them worked because the veteran Collins got the ball away. But if not for the two turnovers, the Titans might have scored even less. Great job all around.

                      - Great special teams coverage too, led by Coach Ray. I can't remember the Colts' coverage teams ever being this good. If only the Colts had Coyer and Rychleski before this season.

                      - Not the fault of Rychleski is the bonehead Tim Jennings causing the punt return fumble (it hit his shoulder, TJ never had the chance to catch the ball). At least Jennings made the interception to start the second half (very lucky to do it though) and also a great kickoff coverage tackle as the gunner later in the game. But he should be relegated to the 5th cornerback for the rest of the season, he's awful.

                      - The other Colts turnover was thanks to other inept player, Tony Ugoh as the starting left tackle. He was just about a mess to start the game, culminating to the interception that was completely his fault because he can't give Peyton Manning three freaking seconds to throw the ball. But after that he seemed to play better, although maybe the bigger factors in that improvement were the Colts having Addai to chip his DE and also having Dallas Clark to help him. Ugoh did run-block well at times, including the Addai rushing TD, but that's not new for him. The problem is mental errors in pass protection.

                      - The offensive line overall had their struggles, especially in pass pro early on and in run-blocking for most of the game. But they did well in some other parts, including in the run, after they got used to the Titans.

                      - One thing though, the Pollak/DeVan rotating experiment might need to come to and end. I don't know how he's playing overall, but I think this is the third game this season I've seen the offensive line blow protection on a play with DeVan in there and involving him. Of course the Pollak penalties are frustrating, especially the idiotic block in the back penalty which was so stupid.

                      - Tough running by Addai and Brown last night, too. Joseph Addai caught every single ball his way (10 receptions on 10 targets) and got every yard from those catches, he was huge in moving the chains. I really think he might be the best pass protecting RB in the league. I hope all those idiots - especially in fantasy football - in the offseason who completely wrote him off the face of the Earth are enjoying the **** they have to eat now. Addai has never looked better.

                      - The receivers did a great job, running routes and blocking. They are a physical complete bunch who sacrifice for the team. Including Dallas Clark who put in another fantastic performance, wonderful catches with his hands and the blocking effort. Look at the effort of Austin Collie. Look at Pierre Garcon, who only caught 1 ball for 9 yard in the entire game, but never gave up as a blocker and as a route runner, not giving up to point out potential coverage quirks for Peyton. They all communicate with Peyton. The only bad thing was the TD Reggie Wayne let slip through his fingers.

                      - And of course, Peyton was phenomenal. Amazingly accurate, and he's hitting receivers in stride this season better than maybe ever. How about that first TD? They moved him out of the pocket and he delivered it to Reggie perfect. Some of the other throws he was making in the face of the pressure were just awesome. Cherish every play you see him make, this is a golden era.

                      - Especially with new head coach Jim Caldwell who strives for excellence, as opposed to just not making mistakes.

                      - That big changing of the guard in the AFC South, which was what all anyone could talk about last year and this summer, was really something.
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                      • Garcon had one hell of a block and totally leveled a Titans DB. I dont' know if that is when Harper broke his forearm but it wouldn't surprise me.


                        • When Gonzalez comes back...

                          Originally posted by killxswitch View Post
                          Garcon had one hell of a block and totally leveled a Titans DB. I dont' know if that is when Harper broke his forearm but it wouldn't surprise me.
                          ...I know this for sure, our level of WR blocking will go down. Collie and Garcon have that tenacity about them that it is unseen in Colts history. Garcon is our Hines Ward type of WR with more speed.

                          Collie is getting closer to a Peyton-like-grasp with the playbook, and is much more ahead of Garcon than Garcon was in his rookie year, IMO. But the fact that went against Garcon is he never got to spend TC with Peyton last year. So, that could be the difference and explain why both of them are taking off at the same time though Collie was drafted a year later.

                          Now, when Gonzo comes back, every drop or missed WR run block will be magnified unfortunately. Gonzo's biggest advantage will be his mental aspect of the game where he will probably be ahead of Garcon like being at a specific spot even when the route is not for you etc.

                          I don't think it will be one player alone that will be targetted to be replaced by Gonzo. If it is a 2 WR, 2 TE formation, chances are it will be Wayne and Gonzo.

                          If it is a 3 WR, 1 TE formation, chances are it will look like this:

                          The line ups from left to right will be based on situation and match ups:

                          Wayne, Clark, Collie, Gonzo or Wayne, Clark, Gonzo, Garcon


                          • I can't wait for Gonzalez to come back. Most important is that he first returns to fully health. The Colts can hold the fort for now, but they are definitely going to need him from November on.

                            Even more excited that Kelvin Hayden and Bob Sanders will be very likely be back on the field starting with the Rams game, two weeks from now.
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                            • Hell once Gonzo is back we should just empty the backfield once in a while and get Clark, Wayne, Gonzo, Garcon and Collie all out there...

                              Excuse me I need to change :) lol

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                              • 5 wideout formations?

                                Originally posted by UKfan View Post
                                Hell once Gonzo is back we should just empty the backfield once in a while and get Clark, Wayne, Gonzo, Garcon and Collie all out there...

                                Excuse me I need to change :) lol
                                5 wideout formations without an RB in the backfield is inviting disaster, IMO, especially against blitzing teams in the playoffs. Our RB should always be there during 4 or 5 wideout formations. Especially when Peyton needs an honest play action to be taken seriously, we need the RB no matter what.

                                Besides, spacing gets more difficult with 5 wideouts. If it is 4 wideouts, a running play run out of it can go to either side with the 2 wideouts blocking on both sides and the RB has enough lanes on either side to make his cut with lesser crowding if the WR blocking holds up. It makes it harder for Ds to guess too.

                                Yes, it can be done but based on history, I would be surprised if we use it for more than 2 or 3 plays a game ever. Ultimately, Tom Moore and Peyton will decide who to use based on the matchups they feel they can exploit.



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