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2010 Colts' Playoff Thread: Jets 17 Colts 30

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    What do you say now?

    Originally posted by Seamus2602 View Post
    The inside 5 is probably a bit closer. 3 of the Ravens inside players (Ray Ray, Kelly Gregg and Haloti Ngata) are great but I don't think a lot of Pryce and Ellerbe isn't that great (yet). I also like the inside guys for the Jets (David Harris, Bart Scott, Shaun Ellis) while Pouha and Douglas are better than Pryce and Ellerbe. We won't run on the Jets either so lets not kid ourselves about it.
    Colts - 101 yards rushing, Jets 86 yards rushing.

    What do you have to say now?:)

    To be honest, I expect another 100 yard rushing performance against the Saints from the Colts.



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