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  • 2010 Colts Schedule

    Let's talk about the new schedule fellas.

    9/12 @ Hou
    9/19 NYG
    9/26 @Den
    10/3 @ Jax
    10/10 KC
    10/17 @ Wash
    10/24 BYE
    11/1 HOU
    11/7 @ Phil
    11/14 Cinci
    11/21 @ NE
    11/28 SD
    12/5 Dallas
    12/9 @ Tenn
    12/19 Jax
    12/26 @ Oak
    1/2 Tenn

    I only see 3 "easy" wins in KC, Washington, and Oakland. Our division should be tough again, and our 1st place schedule makes it hard on us as usual.

    It's annoying we only have 3 home games while it's still warm. And for once it'd be nice to have a bye week in the 2nd half of the season.

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    The league made sure

    The league made sure the Colts have to deal with a tough November so that their December won't be like every other year where we rest our starters.

    I think we end up with a No.2 seeding in the AFC, I do not see us getting homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. I see the Ravens as the most improved team in the AFC, when it is all said and done.

    The Jets could crash and burn but then, they could also dominate if Mark Sanchez makes improvements in his game. The Patriots could go back to their "running the ball heavily" days with multiple TEs and will still be in contention, thanks to Brady but the AFC East will have everyone beating the crap out of each other, just like the AFC North.

    Chargers, Saints, Packers have pretty cushy schedules, I expect all of them to win their divisions and not be lower than a #3 in their conference (though Favre would make the Packers earn it at the end).


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      The NFL always seems to make sure to put a tough 4 game stretch in the Colts schedule. This year it looks to be from 11/21-12/9. Facing what could arguably be the two best teams in the AFC other than the Colts (I'm not entirely discounting the Pats as everyone else seems to be, much as I would love to see their demise) in two consecutive weeks, then Dallas and a trip to Tennessee. You'd think the NFL could split some of these games up. If Cincinnati doesn't fall off that portion of the schedule could get even worse.

      The problem arises when people use statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post: for support instead of illumination.

      If luck is where preparation meets opportunity, then clutch is where failure meets luck.

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        Washington won't be an easy win with McNabb there.


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          If you look back at the 09 schedule it's no big surprise our defense struggled so much against Brees in the SB. Having no pass rush definitely hurt, but the Colts didn't play anything close to a top tier QB in the last 5 weeks of the regular season. The 2 best QBs they faced all season were Matt Schaub and Tom Brady. The secondary will be tested a lot more often this season when they face Schaub x2, Eli, McNabb, Brady, Rivers and Romo. It's possible that Kolb and/or Palmer will have good years as well. It wouldn't even surprise me if VY or Jason Campbell played well.

          We absolutely need Powers and Hayden to stay healthy this year. We also need a more consistent pass rush. I'm glad we got Hughes. I hope a consistent interior pass rusher emerges this season.
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            An interesting co-incidence

            The NFC East has however had a hand in determining the SB champs since 2006, here take a look:

            2006 – Colts played the entire NFC East, beat Bears to become SB champs

            2007 – Giants, an NFC East team, beat the Pats who played the entire NFC East, to become SB champs

            2008 – Steelers who played the entire NFC East, beat the Cardinals who played the entire NFC East, to become SB champs

            2009 – Saints who played the entire NFC East beat the Colts to become SB champs

            2010 – Colts play the entire NFC East?? On the NFC side, the Packers, Vikings (basing on previous year’s playoff teams) play the entire NFC East?? Of course, an NFC East team that makes the SB could throw things off like the giant killing Giants in 2007

            Just a few patterns to ponder about.



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