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2010 Undrafted FA thread

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  • 2010 Undrafted FA thread

    This is where Polian often makes his mark.

    Please provide the link to the signings.

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    I can't find official links for any of these but the Colts have apparently signed:

    David Caldwell, S, William & Mary - Small school prospect, could compete if he does well on special teams.

    Tim Hiller, QB, Western Michigan - Won't make the roster unless he does really well and Painter complete cocks up.

    Brandon James, RB, Florida - Will compete and probably win the KR battle.

    Javarris James, RB, Miami - Should have probably been drafted as high as the 5th Round.

    Jeff Linkenbach, OT, Cincinnati - Could provide some backup at Left Tackle but will probably be on the Practice Squad for a while.

    Mike Newton, S, Buffalo - Had an impressive Pro Day but will probably be in a Practice Squad member.

    Brett Swenson K, Michigan State - Will compete for the starting position.

    Thad Turner, CB, Ohio - Will compete for that 5th Cornerback spot but will probably not make it out of training camp.

    Blair White, WR, Michigan State - Should have probably been drafted as high as the 5th Round.

    I'll post links once they come up.
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      - Javarris James is Edge's cousin, I believe. Pretty good power back.

      - Swenson can be a solid kicker in the NFL, maybe an heir apparent to Adam.

      - Brandon James is a talented returner. He'll compete against Fisher.

      - White is good signing. I watch a lot of Big 10 and this guy is a legit prospect. It won't be easy to make the Colts at WR though. We are LOADED there.

      - Newton sounds like a guy who could make the squad.

      - I'm hoping we keep Hiller on the PS and develop him. I doubt he makes the team out of training camp.

      - From what I've read about Linkenbach, he sounds more like a OG prospect. Good size, but not very mobile.

      - Turner sounds like an interesting corner prospect.

      Good signing. I think a couple of guys on this list could certainly make the team.


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        Here's the list:

        Indianapolis Colts
        S David Caldwell, William & Mary
        QB Tim Hiller, Western Michigan
        RS Brandon James, Florida
        RB Javarris James, Miami (Fla.)
        CB Brandon King, Purdue
        OT Jeff Linkenbach, Cincinnati
        S Mike Newton, Buffalo
        PK Brett Swenson, Michigan State
        ILB Vuna Tuihalamaka, Arizona
        CB Thad Turner, Ohio
        WR Blair White, Michigan State

        There are some interesting guys on this list.
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          LB Vuna Tuihalamaka looks really athletic.

          He ran a 4.61 40 on pro day.


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            I'd have to agree with the comment in the vid of Vuna's, he looks like a better lb prospect for the Colts than Pat Angerer is. Vuna seems to be attacking the line of scrimmage in run defense and always playing the ball in coverage. Hopefully they both make big contributions in '10.


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              Don't forget Conner. He's athletic also, although he seems more comfortable as a blitzer then in coverage.


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                A couple of other signings:

                Andrew Tyshovnytsky, OT/OG Fordham - 6'-4" 317 and had a great pro day workout. Sounds like an interesting prospect.

                Cimal McCleskey, SS, Indiana State


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                  I am very intrigued by the small school UDFAs this year. Both Tyshovnytsky and Linkenbach have some fairly exciting potential.


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                    high school friend of mine jordan sisco signed with you guys today.

                    RIP, Sean Taylor.


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                      They've also signed DT Marlon Favorite and CB Pete Ittersagen.



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                        Depends on Giguere

                        Originally posted by MaxV View Post

                        White is good signing. I watch a lot of Big 10 and this guy is a legit prospect. It won't be easy to make the Colts at WR though. We are LOADED there.
                        If Sam Giguere does not win a returner job over Brandon James or Ray Fisher, he could be gone and Blair White could make it as a #5 WR, IMO. I know that recently, we have had Roy Hall (2007), Sam Giguere (2009) and Pierre Garcon, in 2008 as our #5 WRs (they played special teams primarily when they were #5 WRs) but if a primary WR goes down, I would rather have a #5 WR that is more WR than ST material and it would avoid a situation like Hank Baskett where an outside wideout is given the chance to be a #4 WR in the case of an injury, I never understood that. Given how much Blair White was coveted as an UDFA, he won't clear waivers if we try to put him on PS. So, it is a do or die year for Giguere, IMO, as a WR that can also serve as returner.

                        Besides, Chad Simpson and T.J.Rushing could easily be replaced by Brandon James and Ray Fisher. I expect Fisher to win KR duties and Brandon James to win PR duties. The injury of Kevin Thomas and possibly not keeping a 3rd QB this year could open up a spot for an extra LB and/or DL and/or OL, IMO.
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