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The Official Colts 2010 Season Thread - Week 17 (Titans 20 - Colts 23)

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  • Originally posted by killxswitch View Post
    Tough loss TH. Neither team probably deserved to win that one.
    You guys definitely deserved it more.

    Also, I LOL when somebody posts about fixing the Colts or Peyton Manning. Pretty funny.
    Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

    Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
    Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


    • What's everyone think of our chances on Sunday vs the Jags?


      • It'll most likely be a high-scoring game. We gotta contain MJD.

        As usual, the passing offense will have to do most of the heavy lifting.

        We can't lose 3 straight at home, can we?
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        • Colts just signed Michael Toudouze. Apparently CJ might be out vs. Jags.

          This just gets better and better.


          • It sucks that he's out but Linkenbach has done ok at LT. He is a horrible guard but at LT I think he is alright.


            • Maybe they can try Toudouze at OG.

              I remember him playing a bit for us a couple of years ago and he played with pretty good leverage.


              • It is hard to imagine Toudouze being an upgrade at guard but with the guys we have now who knows.


                • Good game guys. Rep the division in the playoffs. Jags are done.

                  by BoneKrusher
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                  • Unseen, I hope Colts take the division, but the Raiders game is FAR from a sure win.

                    Oakland is a physical team that can run the ball and play D. Those kind of a teams have been giving us problems this season.


                    • How about Donald Brown today? Niiiice. Good run-blocking, Finally! I really hope that continues.

                      I can't believe we ran the ball and stopped the run today. I can't remember the last game in which that happened. It's gotta be at least 3 years ago.


                      • Fili Moala was probably player of the game yesterday.

                        If he can play like that consistently...


                        • Originally posted by MaxV View Post
                          Fili Moala was probably player of the game yesterday.

                          If he can play like that consistently...
                          He'd live up to his 2nd round cost . . .

                          Onto the black hole on Sunday afternoon. Pretty sure the last time we played in Oakland, the Colts got mauled. Raiders have plenty of running backs to carve up the D.


                          • Collie to IR, Hamlin signed, Saturday is top AFC Pro Bowl Center (Jeez!), Peyton is 3rd among QBs and Freeney is 1st amond AFC DEs.



                            • Peyton Manning with nice wheels! :)

                              Solid win. Still plenty of things to improve upon.

                              Dom Rhodes running well and we stopped the run for the 2nd straight week. I hope this is the sign of things to come.

                              We beat Titans and we are in. Gotta get it done.
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                              • D-Line played awesome today vs a much bigger Raiders team. Fili continues to make strides late in the season. Game ball goes to Dom Rhodes who played outstanding behind a much improved line. Final score doesn't say it, but we dominated about 3 quarters of the game. Anytime our Defense only gives up 19 points, we should win.



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