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The Official Colts 2010 Season Thread - Week 17 (Titans 20 - Colts 23)

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  • The Official Colts 2010 Season Thread - Week 17 (Titans 20 - Colts 23)

    Not a good way to start.

    I thought we fixed our run defense.

    WTF were they doing?

    Man, I hope this won't be a season-long problem. AGAIN!
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    That was depressing. How Phillip Wheeler can still start is beyond me, did we even play D tackles today? I can't recall a single play by Mookie or Muir and MAYBE one by Eric Foster. That was horrific.

    The OL was no better either, Peyton's pocket presence and very quick release prevented them looking any worse than they did.

    This could be a long old season.

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      CJ and Diem both were awful at T today. Who ever put Clark in position to block Mario Williams didn't have a clue . . . The D took the entire 2nd half off, reminded me of the gazillion yard game they gave up vs the Jaguars back several years ago. I see no way the O-line can improve enough for the Colts to do much this year. Ugh.


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        This team won't get far if they continue to get dominated on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

        I hope they can fix this problem, fast. Maybe they can mask some of these problems schematically.

        Maybe more 2-TE sets on offense and an extra man in the box defensively.


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          I think the DL will be ok. It was a bad game for sure but I think they can and will bounce back unless someone was injured and we just don't know about it. But I am more concerned about the OL. They are as bad or worse than I expected. CJ and Saturday 100% healthy are not great options and they're the best OLmen on the team. Diem has been losing step every year since 06. We just don't have any good players on the OL right now. I agree we need more 2 TE sets. Eldridge needs to be out there blocking for now. At least until the OL gets healthier and gels some more. Otherwise Manning is not going to make it through this season.


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            [sarcasm]Soooo Jerry Hughes was impressive last nite[/sarcasm] I will never understand the logic behind that pick. Polian labeled him as a project from day 1. And Donald Brown where art thou? I would have laughed in anyones face if they said Andre Johnson would have 33 yards and we would lose. sigh...
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              The Manning Bowl


              I hope Big Brother wins again tommorow.


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                I hope so too but I am not counting on it. I don't see what the OL could do in a week to be good enough to win this one. I do think the defense will be improved.


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                  Originally posted by MaxV View Post


                  I hope Big Brother wins again tommorow.
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                    Colts looked better in every phase of the game last night. Let's hope Denver plays 4 lineman and 1 LB way too long next Sunday.


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                      Agree, the Giants D played into our gameplan quite well. Hopefully the Colts continue to run the ball more so Peyton doesn't get face planted for 4 quarters. Free and Mathis continue to show why the Colts are so difficult to come from behind to win. Good to see Brody get a lot of playing time this week. He doesn't look like a rookie too often.

                      Last night reminded me why rooting for this team is so much fun, when everything is clicking they are a blast to watch.


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                        It will be interesting to see how Freeney does against that Denver LT that's done so well. I forget his name right now.


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                          Some positive signs from yesterday. But there is definitely room for improvement.

                          Pollak played well. He is showing flashes. I hope he continues to develop.

                          The rest of the line was kind of so-so. Our running game stopped being productive when the Giants went back to the conventional alignment.

                          I understand that Saturday and Diem both have had good careers as Colts and perhaps Polian feels loyalty to them, but they are starting to show their age.

                          We might already have 3 possible replacements for Saturday. Getting a new RT will be more difficult.

                          As far as Charlie Johnson goes, I think we might as well get used to him at LT. It doesn't look like Polian is in a rush to replace him.


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                            This was a quality road win. But there are still a lot of concerns about this team.

                            - Austin Collie. It's great to see this young player developing into a very fine NFL WR. Great route running, good hands and can run after the catch.

                            - What an awesome job on that key 3rd-and-15. If we don't pick that up, Broncos might have tied it.

                            - Overall, defense didn't have a very good day, but they definitely played at their best in the red-zone. When they needed a stop, they got it. A great goal-line stand.

                            - Jeff Linkenbach did a fine job filling in for Charlie. Not a bad looking OL, although I doubt that he is our long-term solution at LT.

                            - Another game, another mediocre run-blocking performance from the O-Line. Something has to change.

                            - This game kind of exposed our secondary. They are probably a bit overrated. If we aren't getting consistent pass-rush, we are in trouble.

                            - Way too many missed tackles. That includes guys who are usually sure tacklers.


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                              The DL needs to stop stunting so much. I think the heat and elevation had some to do with it too but too many times our DTs were looping around and spinning uselessly while Orton waited and waited for a receiver to get open.

                              Linkenbach is raw but has some good athleticism. I would like to see what he could do in Diem's spot once CJ is healthy.

                              I wouldn't even call our run blocking mediocre. At least they protected Manning better. Though that has as much to do with the Broncos as it does any improvement from the OL.



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