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    UNREAL quickness and accellaration. I hope he makes the team and gets a chance both with the O and as a returner (along with Rushing).
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    Great find, MaxV!

    Of Kenton Keith, I see someone who is in the proverbial "favorite" to be the #3 RB behind Addai and Dorsey.

    Now with Keith we know what we are going to get.


    Excellent Speed . . . . Tremendous Agility . . . . Very good moves in the opening field . . . . Good ST threat . . . . Good hands


    Sometimes relies too much on his juking ability . . . . Has to adapt to NFL defenses . . . . May be one of those guys who played GREAT against a weak(er) level of competition but will have difficulty in the NFL

    I like what I see from him and Clifton Dawson. Dawson is a likely PS candidate.
    Is that a rash?

    Give JKPIGSKIN credit for this masterpiece


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      Keith obviously won't be an every down back, but we don't need him to be.

      But he can get about 3-4 quality carries per game and a couple of screen passes, preferably on 3rd downs.

      He can also platoon with Rushing as a returner.


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        nice, i was hoping there was a kk thread... im from regina where he played the past few years and am excited for him to make the colts(hopefully), he is a helluva runner and i met him at a club the other night, great guy overall. what you all said about him is, very shifty and fast.

        RIP, Sean Taylor.



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