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Tarik Glenn, a true professional

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  • Tarik Glenn, a true professional

    I heartily recommend reading both articles in their entirety. But for brief snipets:

    [USA Today] Notes: Colts' Glenn knows big contract awaits

    "I've made enough money in my career," Glenn, who has earned three consecutive Pro Bowl bids, said last week. "If I get hurt, that's just the way it's supposed to go. I don't knock anybody if they have a different approach, and I respect Alan Faneca so much. But I don't worry about it. There were times when I didn't get to the Pro Bowl and they gave me Pro Bowl money. Good things will happen if you work hard and not burn bridges."

    [] Giving Back Knowledge: Veteran Glenn Happy to Help Rookie Tackle Ugoh

    The way Tarik Glenn approached the situation surprised the rookie. Tony Ugoh, the Colts' second-round selection in the recent NFL Draft, didn’t know exactly what to expect from Glenn, a three-time Pro Bowl selection.

    The Colts drafted Ugoh with the idea he could be the left tackle of the future. Since his arrival, Ugoh said Glenn – the Colts’ starting left tackle since 1998 – has worked with him extensively on the field, and taken time to help him off the field, answering questions, offering advice. Just being there, basically.

    “I was kind of surprised it was like that,” Ugoh said, but Glenn said the rookie shouldn’t have been surprised.

    As far as Glenn sees it, there’s really no other way.

    “I’ve been a Colt my whole career,” said Glenn, the No. 19 overall selection by the Colts in the 1997 NFL Draft and a Pro Bowl selection following the past three seasons. “I’d like nothing more than to finish my career here, but at the same time, to help build for the future. I’m committed to that.

    “This organization has done nothing but do well by me. They’ve been with me through a lot of the good times as well as the hard times, personally. I can honestly say I’ll do whatever I can to help build this organization and to help build this team – not only for this year, but for years to come.

    “If that means to get the second-round draft pick focused not only on the field, but off the field, I’m willing to be committed to doing that.”
    Again, check out the articles when you have the time.

    I don't know if the Colts will sign Glenn to an extension at all, nevermind one that would see him through his career to retire as only a Colts player, but he's a sterling example of how to conduct yourself as a professional football player. Players, young and old, could learn a thing or two from the Pro Bowl left tackle. I wouldn't be surprised if Glenn does in fact test the free agent market because - with his ability, experience, and the demand of the position - he will undoubtedly and deservingly garner a hefty sum from a suitor.
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    A true leader on this team. We'll miss him if/when he leaves.



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