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  • Mike Shula?

    There is some talk in KC that the Chiefs could go after Mike Shula for there open OC spot I would like to know how much credit you would give Mike for what David Garrard has done this year? He has a back ground with both Herm Edwards and our starting QB Brodie Croyle just would like to hear your thoughts thanks.

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    If we do go with a young OC then I think Shula should be the guy we get.Like you said he has a prion relation ship with Herm and Brodie.In fact at this point I get the feeling Shula is the guy otherwise why have'nt we talked to any other OC candidates


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      I would credit him with David Garrard's maturation level and his ability to put last season behind him...Mike Shula would be a great OC...and I'd hate to see him go but you'd be getting one helluva coach..


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        I'm a Jags fan and an Alabama fan, so I'm aware of Mike's full coaching history in recent years.

        Mike's coaching philosophy suits Herm Edwards perfectly. He's a conservative play-caller who leans on his run game. I can see why Herm would be interested in him.

        He's really talented at developing young quarterbacks. He has a history of doing this, developing Croyle into a solid passer while he was at Alabama despite the fact that Brodie really only played about 1 3/4ths years due to injuries.

        John Parker Wilson was a record-breaking QB under Shula's influence, and, non-coincidentally, he became very mediocre when Shula left this year.

        Garrard this year was the greatest improvement of one player from one season to the next that I've ever seen. He better win the Comeback Player of the Year (comeback? Most Improved?).

        If you like Herm's style--- and I know most of you don't--- you'll like Mike Shula as an offensive coach. Either way, his influence will be beneficial for Brodie.


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          I've heard he was a bad OC in Tampa, but I think he's probably better with what he's now experienced.

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