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  • Picks next year

    how many do we have and how did we received them someone help me here pleaseee
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    <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
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    I want to say we have ten the seven that all teams get plus one for Green one for Sims and one for Tynes now on what rounds those last three will be in we won't know till the end of the season. The one for Green is at worst a 5th rounder and at best a 4th I believe we will get a 7th each for Sims and Tynes unless either has a great year but I'm really just guessing there.


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      We have 7 plus those 3 and we may get add'l picks for Wesley and potentially LJ but we can only have a max of 11 I think so we may end up trading some picks away or something.

      One thing to consider is that we have to sign any rookie we draft with the allotted rookie cap pool and so we can use our plethera of picks to grab a few elite players or many mediocre players but I seriously see us being VERY busy next year assuming the draft is as deep as we'd like it be on the first day.


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        There's no limit to how many picks you can have, at least none that I'm aware. I believe the Titans drafted over 11 several times the last few years.


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          Yea, I know in Madden you can only have like 10 picks, far from reality(when I wasn't KC, I'd always give up my first,second and third round picks TO KC for some bum who didn't derserve to wear Red and Gold). That always made me mad because off the top of my head, The packers had like 15 picks in last years draft right?
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