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Thoughts on the first preseason game

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  • Thoughts on the first preseason game

    -Brodie looked a lot better than Huard. Croyle showed some nice arm strength and accuracy, but he needs to cut down on the mistakes. The Chiefs should probably just give him the reins this season and let him work out his mistakes.
    -The interior of the O-Line looked really good, but the Tackles need some work.
    -The first string defense looked really good. Derrick Johnson and Jared Allen are going to have breakout years. Pollard and Tank looked good as well, and Donnie Edwards was really impressive.
    -Dustin Colquitt is the best punter in the league, IMO
    -Justin Medlock looked good as well
    -Casey Printers looked a lot better than last year, and showed good pocket presence, and was able to make plays with his feet.
    -Derrick Ross looked really good
    - Some players that are on the bubble that impressed me: Derrick Ross-RB, Chris Hannon-WR, Dmitri Patterson-CB, Patrice Majondo-Mwamba-DT, William Kershaw-LB, Will Poole-CB, and Tyrone Brackenridge-CB, Jon McGraw-CB
    -The most important stat of the game: 0 injuries

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    Ok I'd almost rather spank my meat with sandpaper at this point.

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    I agree on most of everything you said except I wouldn't say Brodie looked alot better, just less ******.

    I was especially impressed with Patterson and Kershaw.

    Brackenridge made alot of young mistakes, but I can see what Herm sees in him.
    Jamaal Charles is the best RB in the NFL


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      I also was very disturbed by our OT play. Terry and Stiviek did not look good at all in pass protection. Also, our running lanes didn't look good at all early on.

      I thought our receiver play was very poor with the exception of Eddie Kennison.

      I think we might have the best LB group in the NFL. Even our second string wasn't horrible.

      We are going to get burned a few times early in the year by whoever ends up being our nickel back, but it doesn appear we have some talented young players to work with there which is exciting.

      Cleveland isn't very good right now and that scares me some because I didn't think we had the best team on the field in the first quarter. We still have some time to go and the play calling will obviously change, but I was a bit concerned with our offense.

      All things said it's the first preseason game and we know we have some room to grow. I'm usually a guy that says the preseason is too long, but for us this year I think we need as many games under our belt as possible. I am anxious to see our D go up against the Saints. It should be a fun game.


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        man I hope Dunn can resume his career cause it looks like 2 TE sets will be needed



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