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Final Mock w/ Jared Allen Picks

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  • Final Mock w/ Jared Allen Picks

    Round 1. Sedrick Ellis - DT - 6'0" 300 lbs out of USC. Incredible quickness with a devastating first step. Very high motor. Gets upfield and into the backfield very quick and is a very effective pass rusher. Very good weight room strength. High character. Hardworking with a very good football IQ. Little shorter than you'd like with shorter arms than ideal. Can run himself out of plays. And can get washed out of plays. Might not have ideal field strength to anchor against larger blockers. But has the tools to be a very high impact NFL defensive tackle.

    Round 1 (from Minnesota for Jared Allen). Gosder Cherilus - OT - 6'7" 315 lbs out of Boston College. Big, physical tackle prospect. 4 year starter at OT. 3 years at RT with 1 at LT. Probably better suited as a RT as he seemed to struggle switching to LT his senior year. Has great size and strength. Long wingspan. Tough and plays with a meanstreak. Potential to be a really good RT.

    Round 2. Lawrence Jackson - DE - 6'5" 270 lbs out of USC. Good sized defensive end with very good strength and long arms. Racked up over 30 sacks in 4 years at USC facing very good competition. Anchors well. Doesn't have elite speed or quickness. But was very productive at USC.

    Round 3. Charles Godfrey - CB - 6'0" 207 lbs out of Iowa. Incredible athlete with great straight-line speed. Very tough and will support the run and tackles very well. Versatile. Has logged time at safety and corner. Still a little raw. Only 2 years at corner. Began career as a safety. Very tough minded. Not a finished product but has amazing tools and potential. Logged 2 INTS in 06 in his first year as starting CB. Logged 5 INTs in 07 in his second season as a starting CB. Has to tools to be a very good Cover 2 corner with the tools to turn and run in man coverage.

    Round 3 (from Minnesota for Jared Allen) Tyvon Branch - CB - 6'0" 204 lbs out of Connecticut. Big, strong, with blazing straight line speed. Tough minded. High football IQ. Made the secondary calls for the Huskies. Top intangibles. Leader-type. Excellent tackler as he is not afraid to come up and stick his nose in the action. Ball skills are a bit lacking it seems. And demonstrates why he's a corner and not a receiver as it seems his hands need improvement. But has a ton of physical and intangible tools. Has potential on special teams as well and could contribute as a kick returner. Might be a great Cover 2 corner that also has the speed and athleticism to turn and run with receivers in man coverage.

    Round 3 (from Minnesota for Jared Allen) - Philip Wheeler - LB - 6'2" 248 lbs out of Georgia Tech. Good size with excellent timed speed and overall athleticism. Can deliver the big hit and can defend sideline to sideline. Top intagibles and a good leader. Field strength is a question. Played under new OC Chan Gailey. Could end up playing and starting at either OLB or MLB.

    Round 4. Chad Rinehart - OT/OG - 6'5" 320 lbs out of Northern Iowa. Huge mauling style guard. Commands a very good amount of power. Very smart and tough. Gets a great push. Has good feet. Relatively athletic given his dimensions. Level of competition is a bit lacking. And needs some technique work. Has some versatility in that he does possess the potential to play tackle or guard. Started at LT for NIU.

    Round 5 (from Miami for Trent Green) Brandon Keith - OT/OG - 6'5" 343 lbs out of Northern Iowa. Physically is very impressive. Excellent athleticism for his size. Very strong and powerful. Mauling style run blocker. Good blocker downfield. Has some pretty significant character concerns. Durability can be an issue as well. Field smarts may be a little less than ideal. Like teammate Chad Rinehart, level of competition is a bit lacking. But has a lot of really interesting physical tools. Although Rinehart is more ready to play sooner, Keith may have the more upside.

    Round 5. Marcus Monk - WR - 6'4" 215 lbs. I believe he ran a 4.42 at his pro-day. Huge target who is a definite mis-match against most corners. Excellent leaper with big hands and good ball skills. Game speed might not match his timed straigh line speed. Does have some durability concerns. But is very smart and strong. Very good redzone threat.

    Round 6 - Eric Foster - DE/DT - 6'2" 277 lbs out of Rutgers. Great hustle/non-stop motor type. Doesn't have ideal physical tools. But he does have pretty good quickness. Wins with great effort and technique. Very good first step. Relentless. High character with top intagibles. Did 29 reps on the bench at his pro-day. Tremendous leader.

    Round 6 (from Tampa for Michael Bennett) . Joe John Finley - TE - 6'6" 260 lbs out of Oklahoma. Son of a football coach. Very smart and tough. Not a great athlete but has good overall athleticism. Understands route running and can quickly identify coverages. Good hands. Plays with an aggressive demeanor and plays to the whistle. Good run blocker. Loves playing football. Hardworker. Can drop an easy ball every once in a while. One of those guys that won't "wow" you with athleticism, but he's a kid that has a true love of the game and will give you everything he has on the field.

    Round 7. - BenJarvus Green-Ellis - RB - 5'11" 225 lbs out of Ole Miss. Good sized, tough running back. Does not have blazing speed but has enough to be dangerous. Only the 4th RB in Ole Miss history to rush for 1000 yards. Which he did twice in 06 and again in 07. Is a vocal leader and appears to be a high character player. Takes pride in pass blocking. Very smart and tough. But does have some miles on him. Could be a very good 3rd RB behind LJ and Kolby.

    Round 7. (from NYG for Lawrence Tynes) - James Blair - OG - 6'3" 323 lbs out of Western Michigan. Huge, mauling style guard. Very strong and stout at the point of attack. Very good intangibles. Very good workman like attitude. High football IQ. Athleticism is a little underrated. And will probably have to be in a certain style of offense that plays to his strengths. Has experience at O-Tackle but will probably be a guard in the NFL. But could be a late round find.

    Undrafted Free Agents
    Mario Urrutia - WR - 6'5" 232 lbs out of Louisville. Huge target who although doesn't have great speed could be considered to have deceptive deep speed. Produced a good number of big plays while at UL. Very good hands and is very strong. Has some character concerns. And needs to improve his blocking on the perimeter. But has the potential to be productive in the right situation. May max out as a 3rd receiver.

    Louis Holmes - DE - 6'4" 270 lbs out of Arizona. Amazing athlete. Passes the eyeball test. As one commentator stated, if players were drafted based on how they looked when they got off the bus, he'd be a first rounder. But the production was not there in college. Relies on his physical gifts too much. Does not possess an array of pass rush moves. Has some character issues. But the physical tools are there in abundance. If someone can help him keep his head on straight and teach him proper technique, the kid can be a monster.

    Jason Shirley - DT - 6'5" 330 lbs out of Fresno State. Very powerful and difficult to move. Only played in 3 games this year. But racked up 3 TFLs and 1.5 sacks in those 3 games. I know it sounds crazy, but IMO, this kid may be the most gifted defensive tackle in this draft. Has the size and power to be a dominant run-stuffer. Yet, also has the quickness and overall athleticism to rush the passer. Problem with him, outside of his legal issues, is inconsistent effort. When he's motivated he's practically unblockable. In the mold of a Chester McGlockton/Albert Hayneworth as far as football style goes. Sky is the limit if he ever gets his act together. The major challenge with him is going to be actually getting said act together.

    King Dunlap - OT - 6'8" 320 lbs out of Auburn. This kid is a very stange one to evaluate. He passes the eyeball test. Has every physical tool in the arsenal to be a very effective tackle. But he's very up and down. Sometimes he looks like he has the potential to be good. Others, no so much. Started the year at LT. Got hurt and got into Tommy Tuberville's doghouse and lost his starting spot to a freshman. The freshman got hurt and Dunlap got his spot back. Once the freshman got healthy, Dunlap went back to the bench where he remained for the rest of the year. Has very good size. Has decent to good athleticism. Needs to play tougher with more intensity. There are some balance issues as he has been seen getting knocked off balance by defensive ends on occaisions. But has amazing tangibles. Could be very effective in the right situation with the right coaches. But will need some significant development. Boom or bust type player. Could be a steal and be an effective tackle. But could also be a career backup or even out of the league in a few years.

    Maurice Purify - WR - 6'3" 224 lbs out of Nebraska. - WR - 6'3" 224 lbs out of Nebraska. Big, physical receiver. Pretty good leaper that can occasionally make the circus catch. Has some significant character concerns. Route running and blocking need to improve. But still has some upside.

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    I can dig that. We're going to just go ahead and draft the whole Northern Iowa offensive line though?


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      Excellent job, you definitely put a lot of thought into this. I agree with most of the picks and really like a few of the late rounders, primarily Monk and Green-Ellis.

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      If Chase Daniel finishes top 5 in the Heisman I'll cut my balls off.




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