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    With the dead line to tag players come and gone I thought I would put a list of players I would like the Chiefs to go after.

    "FYI in no way what so ever do I think we can get all of these players I would be happy to get any of them."

    Albert Haynesworth - The biggest name but also the hardest to get so would be a very unlikely move.

    T.J. Houshmandzadeh - Not a huge need but would for sure be a upgrade that said I look for him to go to playoff team.

    Ray Lewis -See Haynesworth.

    Bart Scott - I'm not really a fan but we are so weak at LB I could see the Chiefs pulling off this move.

    Jason Brown - Yes please.

    Channing Crowder - Big need.

    Vernon Carey - Would end all the first round OT talk.

    Jonathan Vilma - Only if we stay 4-3.

    Chris Canty - Only if we go 3-4.

    Antonio Smith -Not a great player but would be an upgrade.

    As you can see there is still some players out there to be had while the first 3 names are pretty much a pipe dream the rest I feel are up for grabs.


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    If we continue to build with youth and through the draft, I doubt you'll see Ray Lewis anywhere near here.

    From your list, I wouldn't mind Chaning Crowder or Vernon Carey. Both fill big needs and are proven. I'm ok on the rest. Canty, imo, would be decent but nothing spectacular.

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      The only big-name guy I thought would be a great pick-up that didn't get tagged or re-signed (Gross) is Housh.

      Bart Scott would be a very good SLB for the Chiefs.

      I don't think they have a shot at Ray or Haynesworth...and it wouldn't be worth it if they did.

      Pretty sure Vilma and the Saints have both mutually agreed that he'll be signing a new contract with them.

      I like Brad Meester, Duke Preston, Khalif Barnes, Russ Hochstein, Chris Kemoeatu, Chris Naole, and Vernon Carey for possibilities along the OL.

      For LB, it depends on what scheme they run, but there are a lot of great options, especially for SLB (Scott, Crowell, Brooking).
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        Igor Olshansky is a FA to I don't think SD will let him get away but if we do for sure go 3-4 he would a very nice pick up.


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          If we go 3-4 Bart Scott and Channing Crowder are 2 LB's I'd look at


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            For 3-4 DL's: Chris Canty, Igor Olshansky, Mike Wright

            For OLB's: Tully Banta-Cain, Rosey Colvin, Clark Haggans, Darryl Blackstock, Shantee Orr
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