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My thoughts right before the draft (long)

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  • My thoughts right before the draft (long)

    This day is generally one of my top 5 favorite days of the year, right after the days of the Lord's birth and resurrection and my birthday. NFL Draft Eve, the day is always filled with a ton of anticipation, even moreso this year because we all have generally no clue what this new regime is going to do. But I'm excited, and I don't know what Pioli-Haley are going to do, but I am going to go along with what they want for a few years, and see how it works.

    However, I would like to put out there what I would do if I were in charge and everything fell the way I wanted it to (IE: other teams trading with me, certain players falling to certain spots, etc.) I may also include my best guess as to what I think the Chiefs may actually do, but, we'll see.

    First off, I'm thinking the Lions will take Stafford 1st and the Rams will take Jason Smith 2nd. That leaves three highly coveted players available at 3: Aaron Curry, Mark Sanchez, and Eugene Monroe. Ideally, the Chiefs would trade out of the 3 spot. The rumor I have heard and like the most is the one where the Chiefs trade down to the Redskins spot, at 13 I believe, and also acquire their 3rd this year and 1st next year. I doubt the Chiefs actually get such a sweet pot, but this is fantasyland, remember?

    At 13, I would take Everette Brown. He is a bit of a reach, but I think he brings that explosive pass rush to the Chiefs and also fits the 3-4 that I really think they are going to want to run. I don't think Raji lasts to 13, if he did he would be the pick hands down. The only other player I would really consider here is Andre Smith, he seems to be a bit of a headcase, but he showed on the field consistently that he was a very good football player, and I think he would be a perennial all-pro at right tackle.

    I think with 2 3rds this year and 2 2nds next year, the Chiefs will be poised to make a move into the 2nd round this year. I think a 3rd, a 6th, and Atlanta's 2010 2nd round pick put the Chiefs in a position to take Jarron Gilbert in the 2nd round. That would be ideal, and I could really see this happening if the alleged trade of Dorsey to the Falcons goes through.

    3rd round this year, I would like to see the Chiefs go after either Phil Loadholt or Ramses Barden. Preferably Loadholt, because the Chiefs have to solidify the trenches, and Loadholt proved over 2 years at Oklahoma and in the Senior Bowl that he can play. I would have him compete with Herb Taylor and Barry Richardson for the right tackle spot. Barden would be the replacement for Tony Gonzalez. Obviously he's not a tight end, but I think he could do some of the same things Gonzo did.

    I think between Brown, Gilbert and Loadholt, the Chiefs would have significantly improved their defense and their offensive line.

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    I'm not big on Brown, but whoever the pass rusher of choice would be would make sense at 13. I love the rest of the draft as we would immediatley be stronger in the treches. I'm giddy about tomorrow but really have no idea what to expect.


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      If KCdoes trade down to 13 I would like Brown or Maybin fa shizzle
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        Good read.

        I'm going to try hard not to get mad at any pick even if I don't like it we have a guy with three rings running the show so lets watch him work.


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          Our only hope of trading down is because somebody badly wants Sanchez, and are afraid that Seahawks or Browns will draft him. If we're stuck at #3, draft an OT. Best value and area of need. Though I'd rather fill multiple holes by moving down!
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            Good post Village. I wouldn't mind those three picks, though I'd prefer to wait until the later rounds to address WR.

            Wouldn't complain about that draft though. Nice read.

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