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    I just wanted to know what everyone thought our record is going to be after these free agent's what I think.

    I think our offense will be better than it was last year. Huard is a much better qb for Herm's offense than Green(I don't want to discredit the guy, but Green is suited for a light em' up offense). Hopefully Webb will be as good as people say he is and Kennison probably has another decent year in him, along side tony gonzalez, a line that can block(FA signing mcintosh) and a high-profile Wide Reciever(Jarrett or Meachem). Another possibility is to lighten the load of LJ's carries by bringing in a promising rookie in the later rounds. I would argue that Michael Bush is a posibility but I think there are more pressing needs in the second round that a RB. I think our offense could finish better than it did last year, possibly in the high 10's(12th, 13th)

    But I think the most improvement is on the other side of the ball. I loved it when KC had the traditional, dominating midwestern defense in the 90's. I love how Herm is bringing that back to Kansas City. I'm hoping for a day one pick on Defensive Tackle and a Cornerback(In round 2?) to help our defense get younger, and more talented than it was in the previous years. With a MLB that was successful in the tampa two, and Donnie Edwards(an all around stud, no matter how old he is) and hopefully Ian Scott from the Bears. I think the moves we made on Defense have made us an easy top ten defense. I don't think we'll rival Chicago or the Ravens Defense, but it will eventually happen.

    Finally, I know I said our Line will be better, but I think we have to start finding a replacment for Shields and the other behemoths that have graced our offensive line for many years. In terms of weaknesses, I think our Lines are exactly that. So hopefully we find guys' that can replace Hall of famers, or at least hold them adequately enough get Larry around :).
    So, my prediction for next year....10-6, and I think we get past the wild card round into the divisionals.
    hate him back, it works for me.

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    i likes i likes i likes ill be writing something up soon
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    <TACKLE> i will ngata give you a bj raji
    <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
    <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
    Originally posted by Hermstheman83
    What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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      It's too hard to say.

      The QB situation is too clouded for my liking. This will play out over time but it's unsettling as a fan.

      The WRs are an absolute mess and we no longer have the system and offensive line to mask this. Another situation that will play out over time (latter part of free agency, preseason cuts and the draft) but is unsettling at this point.

      Johnson will be fine. I have my questions about him as a football player and as a teammate, but the running game will be good enough.

      The offensive line is another question mark. We'll be better at protecting the passer, no doubt, because McIntosh and Terry are both solid players. Turley and Black were both awful. Inside we'll know more soon, but Waters should be better than he was last year and Wiegmann/Shields can't get much worse.

      Our linebackers should be solid next year and I have no concerns with the DEs. Allen is a football player and he'll sort himself out. Inside remains a MAJOR concern with absolutely nothing on the roster at this point worth a crap. I really do hope that Carl has something up his sleeve here: contracts in the wings for Boone, Robaire Smith or Ian Scott; an intention to trade up for Branch/Okoye, or a real fascination with a guy like Justin Harrell or Ray McDonald; or some kind of trade whereby we can acquire a solid tackle. If we were to head into the season as we are now at this position, we wouldn't win 6 games. There's simply no way a team, no matter how talented, could win with that kind of hole on its team.

      The secondary should be improved. Law was solid but he can be better, and if the front seven plays improves, the back four should follow suit. Page replacing Wesley will pay big dividends and, surprisingly, Knight was solid for the most part last season. If he's outplayed and beaten out by Pollard, that's great and should improve the defense even more.

      Special teams concerns me. Colquitt will be a stud for us for another 15+ years, but Tynes is shaky and I have little confidence in him, and Hall is basically done as a returner. I just pray that Herm will stay true to his word and play the best players, allowing Webb to at least return kicks, if not kicks and punts.


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        Offense - I like the signing of Macintosh a lot.A quality, proven LT is hard to find so kudos to CP and the FO for targeting him and getting a deal done.WR's will be addressed in RD 1 IMHO.A guy like Meachem will make things so much easier for LJ and Tony G.Huard will be very productive this year to prove last year was no fluke but not 11 TD's to 1 INT good obviously.

        Defense - Our LB's will be awesome this year.While I am still not a huge fan of the Harris signing it is growing on me a little and we should have one of our better trio of starting LB's in year.DT will need to be addressed guys lke Robaire Smith, Ian Scott and so on.We will have to also address it through the draft a guy like Mebane in RD 2 or Kareem Brown in RD 3 could be awesome picks.CB should be fine but we will need to get younger there very soon Ty Law and Pat Surtain are no spring chickens.A guy like Eric Wright in RD 2 or Jonathan Wade in RD 3 would add youth into the CB posistion

        Special Teams - The release of Kendall Gammon is still very confusing to me.He was as automatic as you can get now I worry we will lose some games due to a poor snap.Colquitt will be in a pro bowl before his career is over he has be a very good pick.Tynes needs to go he is way to inconsistent to have any faith in.I sadly think Dante needs to go as well.I am still a fan but he is'nt producing like he used to on KO's and punt's.I say let Webb return kicks and find someone who can return punts


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          You guys are more optimistic then I am.

          QB: Whether Trent, Damon, or Brodie start, this is shaky. I think Trent is still the best option but it's obvious the Chiefs disagree. Damon played well with a simplified offense, but the Chiefs cannot survive with that kind of play calling for long. How will he fare when things are not simplified? His track record is less than inspiring. Brodie is completely unproven.

          RB: LJ is arguably the best running running back in the league, but as an overall back he is found lacking. Michael Bennett is injury prone, Dee Brown may not be back and sucks either way, and Derrick Ross, while I like the kid, is unproven. Boomer is an experiment so who knows how that's going to work out, I liked Cruz alot but how will he recover from a devastating knee injury? Wilson is more of an H-Back type then a fullback.

          WR: Kennison's time is just about up, Parker will probably be back but is wildly inconsistent, and Hall is terrible. I'm hoping against hope that Webb and/or Hannon will become terrific wide receivers in this new offensive system we are supposed to be installing, but I'm not holding my breath. I'd like to see something from Gardner.

          TE: Really the only position on the team that is settled. Gonzo is a stud, we all know that; Dunn is one of, if not THE best blocking tight ends in the league. As previously mentioned, Wilson is more of an H-Back type player.

          OT: We signed Damion McIntosh. Whoo. I guess he's alright as a stop gap type player, but the 6 year deal is confusing. He's not that good of a player, at least he hasn't been thus far in his career. Chris Terry, why wasn't he playing last year? Our tackle play was uninspiring, why couldn't he see the field? I have high hopes for Svitek, but until he shows it on the field I'm not holding my breath.

          OG/C: Waters is a stud, but Weigmann and Shields are near or at the end of the line. Welbourne can play guard, but he hasn't proven to be a reliable teammate. I like Stallings and Niswanger, but they are young and unproven.

          DE: If Allen returns and we can resign him long term then good, but if he is going to be a problem child we are in trouble. I was wrong about Tamba Hali, he is a good player. Do we have any other defensive ends?

          DT: Huge problem area. Ryan Sims is our only contracted tackle? Yikes. My 51 year old father would be an upgrade for this unit.

          LB: Probably the strongest position on the team after tight end. DJ is a rising star and should vie for a Pro Bowl spot this year. Edwards and Harris will be solid (concerned about Harris' 6 year deal though), and Fox, Griffin and the others are solid depth and special teamers. I'm kind of frustrated that Fox can't seem to win a starting spot, but oh well. Bell? I have a feeling he is a June 1 cut.

          CB: Law and Surtain are good, but old, and I hear that Surtain may be a June 1 cap casualty. We've got nothing after these two, just inexperienced players who need to prove themselves.

          S: Between Page, Pollard, Knight and Wesley this group is rock solid. I don't understand the hate towards Wesley, he is a good player. Page and Pollard will be solid for the next decade. Knight is near the end.

          Special Teams: I don't care enough to evaluate.

          Tons of trouble areas on this team. Not close to contending at all.



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