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    The problem with everything you guys are saying is that JA has already stated to the public that he is pissed about the way he was treated and despite him being a good player that we would LIKE to have back, his intentions are to play this year and walk outta here, so we need to get rid of him for what we can get now.

    I'd like to keep him too, but I can see how this will turn out next year (even uglier because the franchise tag could be involved) and I don't wanna go through this again.

    We had people on here (me included) saying to get rid of LJ because he's a locker room cancer and all that crap so what makes you all think that a guy who has no respect for the franchise won't bring down locker room morale?



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      Yea, but every player does that. If they aren't getting what they want they go to the public and say, "I'm not being paid what I'm worth", this gets us fans fired up and puts pressure on the GM to allievate that situation.
      I guess I don't see a guy who played at a mid-major college, coming out of no where, complaining about "not getting paid enough" of course I could be wrong.

      But overall, JA has absolutley no room to complain about a contract. Especially with Herm Edwards, the guy who's pushing for harder, tougher sanctions when an NFL player(like ALlen) screws up royally like he has.
      hate him back, it works for me.



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