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  • Chambers

    Espn has reported that dolphins WR chris chambers has been traded to san diego for 2008 second round pick.

    Finnally. Dead weight salary cap hog who does nothing but drop balls.

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    How on earth did we just fleece such a good GM in Smith into giving us a 2nd rounder for Chambers. In the offseason I was hoping we could get a 3rd rounder for him, now after seeing how many passes he has dropped lately and how much he makes I didn't think we'd get more then a 4th for him.

    Wonder if we can sneak a 4th for Booker and a 2nd for JT before the deadline? Might as well dump everything now and get value to build thru the draft since none of those guys are gonna be long term players for us.

    I love to see us bulding thru the draft. Say what you want about Randy and Cam decision but at least they are getting the concept to rebuilding right. Do it thru the draft. 10 picks last season and 4 of them were day 1 picks. Now theres 7 picks for this season so far and 4 of them are day 1 picks. If nothing else, they are changing a mentality of trading picks for players and and spending too much in FA (minus the Porter and Green signings but those are small in the big scope of how many guys we released and brought in during the offseason.)


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      more playing time for ted ginn i suppose


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        yep and hagan they are number 2 and 3 now. Booker gone next year and adding a WR in FA is possible too I bet.

        I like the move it was a good move for miami and SD



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