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Shaun Rogers to MIA?

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  • Shaun Rogers to MIA?

    Rumblings in Detroit are that Marinelli is not happy with the play and effort of NT Shaun Rogers. There were rumors about him possibly being cut this offseason. The newest twist to this is that the Lions could possibly be looking for a potential trade partner for Rogers.

    Booth Newspapers' Tom Kowalski in Detroit mentions Bill Parcells as a potential suitor, noting that Parcells "gushed" about Rogers in conference calls before the Cowboys played the Lions.

    It also says that if he was to be traded, that the Lions will be looking for a veteran defensive player in return to help fill one of the Lions' many defensive holes.

    Maybe a straight up swap for either Jason Taylor, Joey Porter, or Zach Thomas possibly? I think Jason makes the most sense, because of the Lion's gaping hole at defensive end, he could help out there tremendously. Porter and Thomas would help with the deficiency at LB.

    Note: This is only total speculation at this point with abolutely nothing official.

    Thoughts on this and possible chances of this going down before draft day?

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    The only way I make a deal for Shaun Rodgers is with Joey Porter. I'd love to Shaun Rodgers. He was great size and is a heck of a player. But he is getting older and having recent injury problems and having a questionable motor, I just don't see any reason at all to trade your team leaders in Jason and Zach for him. IF you can trade another decent player with a bad contract for Rodgers who is a good player with a bad contract, maybe throw in a extra low pick to see it go thru then I'm all for it. But I doubt it happens.


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      If it is for a veteran player (Zach), I would do it. Otherwise, keep your picks. It is a long road ahead over here. Honestly, I think Zach has little to no trade value right now b/c of age and injury. I think you can get a lot more than Rogers for JT right now and Porter has no real value in DET b/c he does not fit the system........


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        Parcells has spoken highly of Shaun in the past and would be a center piece of the 3-4 in Miami for a long time.

        Big issue for Shaun is Miami will want him 325 tops and he looked 360. He will drop of a heart attack in Miami playing that heavy.

        But man, Shaun will make a as good a 3-4 NT as any prospect out there.


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          Well this theory seems to be gaining some real life now....

          I just wonder what we would actually give up for him, I hope not too much. Like I said before, a straight up swap for JT would be OK with me. That would certainly open up the door for us to take Chris or Vernon for sure. I hope a high draft pick wouldn't have to be involved. Although I wouldn't mind giving up the Chargers pick or our 3rd rounder for a player of Rogers calibre. It would be like a straight swap, Chris Chambers for Shaun Rogers in that case. Works for me! Maybe Cameron did do something right..... :)

          Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner



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