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  • Derek Anderson?

    Scott brought his name up in his blog, but in relation to Baltimore. What do you think? If it was a Schaub-type deal (2 #2's), I guess you would have to think about it. He is the type of guy that I think Tuna and crew would look at. Young, big and big-arm. Can't question his productivity last yr, but he did have an excellent OL and terrific supporting cast. His completion % was rather low, but I am not sure if that was more related to the style of offense they play. Personally, I would be wary, but he has obviously shown that with a good supporting cast, he can win games. If the Dallas trade down were to happen, perhaps you can offer one of the #1's for him and see if they bite. The one thing for certain is that he can handle NFL competition which we don't know about any of the draftees and he is still very young. (Actually 3 yrs younger than Beck)

    If you think about it:
    QB - D Anderson
    RBS - Barber, Brown, Booker
    and... you would still have a low #1, 2 #2's and 2 #3's before you trade JT and add any free agents..

    Have to admit, I am talking myself into this one. What do you think?

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