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  • Thanks Darren

    Well this is a draft without a lot of starpower at the top. Obviously, Miami has to be happy today. 4.27!!! Hopefully, this can bring a suitor or 2 (Dallas, someone else) to the table and maybe they can get some decent value for the pick. I know Jones denied to the Palm Beach post that there have been any discussions, but this has to open his eyes a little bit. Where there is smoke, there is fire. McFadden to Dallas rumors have been out there since last yr's draft. I am not saying it will happen, but a 210 lb guy who can run like that is unheard of. With a couple off-field concerns and the price tag, I don't think there will be many suitors, but I think there will be a couple. Now if Ryan can have a great workout and Dorsey (at his pro day), Long or Gholston (at the combine) can put up some #'s, there may finally be a real chance of this pick being traded.

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    Darren ain't going number 1. He probably won't go top 3. Even with his 40 time alot of people had his stock dropping and RBs historically slide in the draft. He'll go in the 5-8 range.


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      The rumors of the Cowboys trade is coming back up though. Both 1st, Barber and another pick is the rumor for what the Cowboys offered. Could just be nonsense but McFadden might have helped us.

      That is correct comahan
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        He may have helped us a tiny bit. But I still don't see it being enough to get us out of the first overall pick. Just because I doubt anyone in the NFL really believes there is any remote chance we will actually take McFadden. And the Rams won't take him either, so if anyone is moving down at this point, Atlanta seems the most likely. That is, unless they absolutely fall in love with Ryan and believe there is a strong chance we may take him and they absolutely have to have him. That is our only chance, but I also see that as being very unlikely at this point. The more I look at this, the more I come to the terms with the fact we will probably end up staying put at # 1 and taking either Chris Long or Vernon Gholston, which I would be extremely happy with anyway.

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