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Is there going to be a trade?

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  • Is there going to be a trade?

    Pretty inactive on this board lately, so time to add a new thread.

    Is there going to be a trade of the #1 pick? I know most of us (myself included) think that the chances are slim to none, but with some of the activity going on in the league right now, that may change.

    -- New Orleans. Apparently very interested in a DT to upgrade their line. To go get Dorsey, they may have to get to #1. Tuna and Payton have a good relationship and trust each other (I think). Maybe something like a #1 next yr and another pk this year could get it done.

    -- Kansas City. If this Jared Allen deal happens (to Min for a #1 and a #3), that would leave them with a lot of ammo to move up. If they want Jake Long, (thanks Jeff Ireland) they have to get to #1 because I think St Louis jumps on him at #2. Do you take back #5 plus a 3rd and our #5th that we traded for Trent Green to make the drop? I would say yes immediately.

    -- Baltimore. They were already looking QB before McNair retired. Do you they love Ryan enough to give next yr's #1 with another pick this yr to move up and get him? As an aside, I think Ryan will definitely be the Falcons' pick at #3.

    An even better scenario for Miami would be to make the deal with KC and then have New Orleans move up to #5 to get Ellis. Now, you would really be adding picks. (I know, too good to be true)

    If they can trade the pick and/or JT and add some picks for the next 2 drafts, the rebuilding process can really begin.....

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    I would be very very happy with that KC trade. I see that as the most likely, although the recent rise of Branden Albert is going to make it a little tougher. It makes me a little nervous still because I think Gholston could definitely be off the board by #5 in that scenario, to either STL or OAK. But Chris Long could still be there I guess.

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