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Fins Mock 4/20

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  • Fins Mock 4/20

    1. Sean Smith CB, Utah
    2a. Jarron Gilbert DE, SJSU
    2b. Clint Stintim OLB, Virginia
    3. Austin Collie WR, BYU
    4. Sebastian Vollner OT, Houston
    5. Terrance Knighton NT, Temple
    6. Frantz Joseph ILB, FAU
    7a. Gartrell Johnson RB, Colorado St.
    7b. Ryan Mouton CB, Hawaii


    Marlon Favorite DT, LSU
    Taurus Johnson WR, USF
    Jaison Williams WR, Oregon
    Roger Allen OG, Missouri Western
    Dallas Reynolds C, BYU
    Jason McCourty CB, Rutgers

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    Smith and Sintim are great picks. The rest is just ok

    For Gilbert, we have our young DE's set now and don't need any more other than for depth, which we can get in the later rounds. And Collie would add nothing new to our receiving corps that Bess and Camarillo don't already.

    Joseph, Knighton, Johnson, and Mouton are decent picks.
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    Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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      This isnt who I'd take, its who I see us actually taking. So I'll forward your complaints to Parcells and Ireland lol...

      Theres no such thing as too many linemen, as the Giants showed vs. New England, who we will playing twice this year. Merling, Langford, and Starks are decent, but they are primarily run stuffers. Gilbert has the speed, quickness and agility to line-up at OLB on passing downs. And theres not a RB or TE in the league who can block him, so if teams want to slide the pass pro to Porter again this year, Gilbert will eat them alive.

      Collie is a bigger and stronger version of Camarillo, (who wont be ready for the season). He's a threat over the middle, and in the redzone, two things we were missing last year. Ginn is VERY limited in how he can attack a secondary, so we need serious help. I would love to take Nicks or Britt, but im convinced that Parcells is gonna go pass rush/corner on the first day.

      Who I would take?

      1. Hakeem Nicks WR, N Carolina
      2a Sean Smith CB, Utah
      2b Clint Stintim OLB Virginia
      3 Macho Harris CB, VTech
      4 Antonine Caldwell C, Alabama
      5 Terrance Knighton NT, Temple
      6. Frantz Joseph ILB FAU
      7a Gartrell Johnson RB CSU
      7b Ryan Mouton CB, Hawaii

      Nice mock you have there. Luga @ 25, Johnson @ 56, White in the 4th? Dream aint the word, thats fantasy...



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