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    I'm doing this GM thing in the mock draft thread and just wanted some other input on my moves so far and what you think might be a nice move for the future.

    So far I have dealt away:

    Will Allen, LJ Shelton, 3rd round pick

    And have recieved:

    Chris Snee, Antrel Rolle, Musa Smith, 5th round pick

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    Wow that's redonkulous. Very good trades on your part, but that pretty much shows why those drafts don't work.

    That is correct comahan
    I ******* LOVE YOU DG
    <3 dg


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      antrelle rolle? cards db?

      howd u do that


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        In the 1st round I got Brady Quinn and in the 2nd so far I have landed Sidney Rice.

        Musa Smith allowed me to use Ricky Williams in a trade up with ATL to the number 44 pick where I am targeting Justin Blalock to play RG. Also trying to aquire another 2nd rounder to use on either Tony Ugoh, Anthony Spencer or Eric Wright.

        Also completed a trade of Marty Booker for Frank Omiyale, a young up and coming LT with some upside, and a 5th rounder.

        So far I have acquired Chris Snee, Antrel Rolle, Musa Smith, Frank Omiyale, Brady Quinn, Sidney Rice and I still have another day one pick left, plus 7 day 2 picks to bring into youth for the aging defense and some depth at OL and RB.


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          Dolphins offseason so far:

          Chris Snee, OG
          Antrel Rolle, CB
          Musa Smith, RB
          Frank Omiyale, OT
          Baltimore's 5th round pick
          Atlanta's 5th round pick
          Atlanta's 2nd round pick

          Round 1: #9(Brady Quinn)
          Round 2: #40(Sidney Rice), #44 (Justin Blalock)
          Round 3: None
          Round 4: #104
          Round 5: #139, #156
          Round 6: #166, #183
          Round 7: #200, #219

          Current Roster:

          QB-Daunte Culpepper, Brady Quinn, Cleo Lemon
          RB-Ronnie Brown, Musa Smith
          FB- Cory Schlesinger
          WR- Chris Chambers, Sidney Rice, Az-Zahir Hakim, Derrick Hagan, Marcus Vick
          LT- Frank Omiyale,
          LG- Chris Snee, Chris Liwienski
          C- Rex Hadnot, Dan Stevenson
          RG- Justin Blalock, Joe Toledo
          RT, Vernon Carey, Anthony Alabi
          TE- David Martin, Justin Peelle, Jason Rader

          DE- Matt Roth, Rodrique Wright
          DT- Vonnie Holliday,
          NT- Keith Traylor, Fred Evans
          OE- Jason Taylor
          OLB- Channing Crowder, Jim Maxwell
          MLB- Zach Thomas, Derrick Pope
          OLB- Joey Porter
          CB- Antrel Rolle, Travis Daniels
          CB- Andre Goodman, Michael Lehan
          FS- Yeremiah Bell, Cameron Worrell
          SS- Renaldo Hill, Jason Allen

          K-Jay Feeley
          P-Donnie Jones
          LS-John Denney
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            Culpepper, Hakim, Rader, Maxwell and Lehan are the only players left I would consider moving if I can find upgrades or get a solid trade offer. Let me know what you all think about the move so far and what else you would like to see done.


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              How much have you seen of Omiyale? He is no better than Alabi and is a ZBS OT.

              That is correct comahan
              I ******* LOVE YOU DG
              <3 dg


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                I think Omiyale is a slightly better player then Alabi and that it wouldn't hurt to bring in that kind of upside to the line. I'm still looking at trades and draft picks that can upgrade the position even further. What are options you can think of that might be nice additions to the LT position?


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                  Just drafted Justin Blalock to be our starting RG.

                  Starting OL right in is:


                  I think is an upgrade over the line of:

                  LT- McIntosh
                  LG- Jacox
                  RG- Shelton
                  RT- Carey

                  I'm still looking to upgrade LT some more but well see what plays out for the rest of the draft. Tony Ugoh, James Marten and Doug Free are all still on the board so I could try to trade up for one of them.



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