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    The chance of us landing Quinn seem to be diminishing by the day, and with the recent Peterson stuff (even though I buy none of it) it seems like a certainty. So with no Quinn we are pretty much guaranteed to take a QB at 40. Which of the 2nd tier QBs do you like the most? Even with the disappointing year I still love Stanton's tools. I really dislike Kolb so he is last on the list. I'm really indifferent on both Edwards and Beck. I like Beck's accuracy and smarts but his arm and age worry me, and I've never been impressed with Edwards. I have a feeling Edwards will be the guy but I'm hoping for Stanton, maybe Beck.
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    Take Stanton, i watched him for his entire career at Michigan State, he's got everything you want physically in a QB and he has a cannon for an arm. His decision making skills can be questionable at times, but once he gets into a system and gets comfortable then you expect that to subside.


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      I am starting to like Beck from the clips I saw of him over a friends place. But really I am not certain whom is the best. I was a big stanton fan till this past season. Then again when UM got Kyle Wright I thought it was great too. So who knows there.
      Edwards and Beck seem the middle road picks for safer to develope less high ceiling. Kolb the omg everyone else was picked already pick. And Stanton the high potential, high failure pick.

      None are that appealing that much but we need to work on developement still. I wish brohm had come out.


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        I have always wanted stanton because i love his tools and athleticism behind our bad offensive line. kolb is next for me because he is a perfect fit for camerons offense, as is beck but kolb got the nod because of the age thing. edwards was last because im totally convinced that detroit is taking them with their 2nd round pick but i also dont like his injury problems.

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          I wouldn't put it past us for Quinn yet. I do agree that he seems less likely then he did say two weeks ago but there are lots of ways he could fall to us. The only real threat seems to be Cleveland and if you really think about it, he would be the ideal smoke screen for them. He is such a good fit that if they even mention him, the press goes nuts. They could be trying to intice a trade up from a team like us or Minnesota where they could move down and still have a really good shot at Peterson.

          Also by all accounts, they like Russell better then Quinn and I'm getting the gut feeling that Oakland has CJ as their guy and their looking for any excuse to pass on Russell and take CJ. At the end of the day, there's a very real chance they just roll the dice and go with CJ which leaves Russell for Cleveland and allows Brady to slip.

          There's also the chance that the Browns just flat out like Peterson better and go with him.

          So while it does seem less likely, there's definately some very real chances that Brady Quinn will slip some where we can get him. Considering the reported price to move from 9th to 6th is a 3rd round pick, makes me wonder if the reason the Dolphins are shopping Booker is a pick up an extra 3rd rounder to deal for Quinn?? I'm so pumped to see what we do that I can't stand it. As long as we don't get Ted Ginn all the way up at 9, I'm confident we will get some good value and a solid player.

          As for 2nd teir options. Edwards has really grown on me lately and I like his upside. Stanton is still my favorite and I'm hoping we can get him at 60 instead of 40 but I'm not sure of the chances of that. Anyways, here are the 2nd tier guys in for me in order:

          Drew Stanton, Trent Edwards, John Beck (hate his age tho), Troy Smith and Kevin Kolb.


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            Mueller has never taken a QB before the 3rd round so it shall be interesting. I wonder which will fall into the 3rd round.


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              Originally posted by Finsfan79 View Post
              Mueller has never taken a QB before the 3rd round so it shall be interesting. I wonder which will fall into the 3rd round.

              Completely false. Mueller drafted Rick Mirer with the 2nd overall pick back when he was with Seattle. Of course we all know how Mirer turned out but we know Mueller isn't afraid to take a gamble a 1st round QB. Mueller did not have the final decision back then but he was very high in the Seattle FO and had alot of input on draft day because of his eye for talent.

              I get kind sick of hearing Mueller pigeonholed with these theories (likes speedy WRs, doesn't draft QBs early) and things of that nature. You guys should really go back and take a look at Mueller draft history. If it says anything, it's that Mueller really doesn't lean towards one direction. He generally takes who he feels are the best talents on the board. In fact if you look back and had to pick the position he leans to most, it was have to be offensive line.

              EDIT: side note, he never really had a need for a 1st round QB. After the Rick Mirer mistake in Seattle, they got Warren Moon and Jon Kitna who were both more then capable back then. In New Orleans, he had Aaron Brooks (back in his prime during the couple of years where he took the league by storm for awhile), plus talented backups in Marc Bulger and Jake Delhomme. He's never had a QB situation as bad as we have mostly because he has always done a good job of building up his QB talent pool with later picks. I'm sure once we get a guy we can trust and build around, he will do the same with us by drafting later round picks so that we have guys that can step up incase anything happens. Right now that is not the situation tho.
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                Cameron is really weird/interesting/in-depth, not sure how to describe him but he's different. Beck recently had a kid, Cameron called him that day to say congrats. At Edwards pro day Edwards was sick, so he didn't shake anyone's hand, but Cameron made him shake. Just some random stuff, but kinda funny.

                That is correct comahan
                I ******* LOVE YOU DG
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