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Day One made me vomit a little bit in my mouth.

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  • Day One made me vomit a little bit in my mouth.

    Discuss. How many people questioned whether Mueller has some vendetta against the Dolphins?

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    i think people who actually understand the philosophy of Mueller and Cameron and know the draft can accept the draft picks.

    i love Ginn, he's a playmaker like no other in this draft. great pick. Beck has less question marks than Quinn, and they rated him as the #2 QB in this draft.

    Satele and Booker are great picks. period.

    the 2nd day shone for me. Soliai in the 4th? i would've taken him in the 2nd. great NT, will clog the holes in the middle. i like Muaia, and Cameron is going to try and mold him into the next Lorenzo Neal.

    good picks all around. it's clear they want to win now, and they want as much contribution from this draft as possible. lots of versatile guys who can see the field.


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      They said they would draft speed and build from within outwards it is what they did.

      They took the fastest WR and RB in the draft.

      They took 2 interior linemen
      A NT, and a DE
      A QB and a bruising FB

      I am still pissed at no Left Tackle but they seem to believe Carey is ready for that position, it should be interesting to see what happens.


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        there's depth at LT right now, i'm not too worried about. Carey, Alabi, Shelton...Toledo has some experience there, as does Momino.


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          After taking some time to digest it, I've definitely warmed up to it a bit. The second day managed to land us some players who will definitely have an impact.



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