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  • gus scott was a decent safety at florida

    credit to cardsalltheway


    • sam and guss scott were both good college players and were drafted in the 5th and 3rd rounds, respectively. scott's agent screwed him over and got him an incentive-laden rookie contract and then he got hurt and subsequently released, and sam hasnt done nething. both have bounced around practice squads since coming into the league.

      idk nething about the other guys.

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      • 1. Chambers simply isn't the answer, WRs with his skill set in similiar offense have been capable of succeeding

        2. I don't know people are not calling for drafting a QB, we simply don't need one, it would be a setback and it would upset many players on the team

        3. Getting a coach is the first priority and depending how his style of coaching (whether he's offensively or defensively minded), then we should worry about who we should draft

        I think that's it for now :?:
        Vince Young is going to prove he's the next overrated QB to come out in years.

        He'll probably end up being a WR or something...


        • Article on Chambers: overly biased, but the numbers DON'T lie...

          Vince Young is going to prove he's the next overrated QB to come out in years.

          He'll probably end up being a WR or something...


          • chambers isnt a number one receiver that everyone thinks he is but he is definitely a number two. i dont buy the whole "bad QB" thing because great receivers make their QB look good. i dont agree with sending him packing because he is truly one of the only decent players we have on offense.

            and for randy mcmichael, he is a top ten tight end in the league who had a down year statistically because mularkey doesnt believe in throwing to TEs except on rare occasions in the end zone. Mark Bruener was his TE in pittsburgh and he was one of the best blocking TEs ever. mularkey asked mcmike to block and thats what he did, and he still managed to post top ten TE numbers. if u wanna blame someone for his bad year, blame mularkey for making him block 80% of the time.

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            • im not sayin its completely the style offence thats keepin him down...i also wasnt sayin it was bad play by the qb...i said that JH skill set didnt match what CC does best...when u combine that and the inconsistancy as a whole at our QB position to go along with the new offence is why his numbers were down this year....and to the guy that all of a sudden says chambers isnt a good no.1 wr....he made the pro bowl as no 1...led the afc in tds a couple years ago as a tell me exactly why he isnt a good no. 1...and b4 u reply read my other post about him and dont repeat anything ive already commented on


              • If anyone has seen Chris Chambers this season could you please tell the Miami Dolphins offense, because they sure don’t know where he was been. After having his best season last year Chambers is on pace for his worst this season. I’ve been trying to find what is wrong with him, and I’ve found 3 things, inconsistency at QB, an inadequate offense for Chambers, and Chris Chambers himself.
                The first reason why Chambers could be struggling is the inconsistency at QB. Most are already familiar with the problems that Daunte Culpepper was having. Culpepper couldn’t get rid of the ball and when he did he was terribly inaccurate because of poor mechanics. So exit Culpepper, enter Joey Harrington. Joey has surprised most with the way he has been playing, but he still isn’t a great passer, especially downfield. Joey gets rid of the ball quick, and more often than not, not very far down field. Harrington throws very accurately but can’t throw a long ball at all, which really hurts Chambers.
                Another reason why Chambers is not playing up to par is he is playing in an inadequate offense for him. Last season Gus Frerotte threw more long balls than any one in the league. When Scott Linehan left and Mike Mularkey came in the offense wasn’t supposed to change, but because of Joey’s lack of a big arm Mularkey has had to adjust the scheme. Wes Welker is the Dolphins leading receiver this year. When Marty Booker is on the field he has been playing some very good football. The reason? Both players run underneath patterns frequently. This plays into Harrington’s strengths. What does Chambers run a majority of the time? Deep routes, where he gets double covered and Harrington doesn’t even bother.
                The biggest reason for Chambers lack of production is Chris Chambers. Chambers has never been a consistent receiver with anywhere near the top hands in the league, but he has never been this bad. He is constantly dropping short routes and when he does catch the ball underneath he isn’t getting any yards after the catch. He is averaging a pitiful 11.1 ypc, over 3 yards less than his average. He only has four touchdowns this year. His long is only 47 yards, every other season he has had a catch of at least 57 yards. He has 7 catches over 20 yards compared to his 18 last year, and 1 catch over 40 yards.
                So I would like to apologize to all of those fantasy owners out there on behalf of Chris. But remember it isn’t all his fault, some of the blame is on Joey and Mularkey. Chambers may have another great finish like last season, last season he had over 400 yards and 6 touchdowns in December, who knows, this may be his month.

                My opinion on his struggles. Some of the stats may be different because I wrote this at the end of November.

                That is correct comahan
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                • Originally posted by AlexDown
                  Originally posted by draftguru151
                  Did anyone else see the Jets losing yesterday? I hate the Pats too but losing the Jets lose is always great.
                  What makes it even great is that many people predicted to have the Dolphins go to the Superbowl and they didn't even make the playoffs. On top of that, they signed Culpepper insted of signing Brees and got swept by the Jets this season.
                  Didnt quite hear that right. Was that you saying the last time the jets got close to the Super bowl, in 1982 you got stomped by us? Your season ended up with your boys and our boys both sitting there watching the super bowl on tv.

                  Next year you actually get a real schedule.


                  • i agree with that....we have some of the same points and it is true that CC does and has always lacked consistancy


                    • I think Chris Chambers is a very nice number 2 WR but I dont feel he has shown the consistency of being a number 1. He will come out and have an amazing game but when matched up against the best DB's he often disappears. This has been a knock on him his whole career though. He has continued it from year to year. Often he makes the amazing catch and will drop the easy ones.

                      I like chris, I think he is a nice guy and a good WR, but he is not the answer as a number 1 WR.


                      • he has gotten better every year as our no. 1 1 down year doesnt all of a sudden make him not a good no. 1 seems like too many fans on here expect all our players to be the best in the nfl at there position and be 100% perfect and if there not then we should cut them or trade them..thats not realistic


                        • There are many factors that add in within the system of a team to factor into the abilities of a passing game and the effectiveness of a WR. Now a great WR can draw double coverage and also gain more of an impact for others on offense. A great WR can open up the running game, can give the TE and other WR's single coverage to explode over teams. Now that said a WR is very dependant upon many other factors to succeed.

                          1. A consider play at the QB system.
                          2. A good offensive line to give time for the QB
                          3. A system that promotes the abilities of the WR
                          4. Good play calling to give major plays at the right time.

                          Miami currently had none of the above last year.
                          1. The QB play on this team was the worst in the NFL rankings. Culpepper was terrible, Joey was even worse by the numbers (hard to do). There was no consistent play or decision making at all.
                          2. Our offensive line got better after Joey took over for the lack of mobility of Pepper really affected the team. But, that said the line did have good solid pass defense later in the year. Rushing offense was not that great but overall the pass blocking was solid.
                          3. The system of Mike was rather horrible. Some of his calls were terrible, now if it was mike or Nick it matters little at this point. But both hurt the team and the Offensive production.
                          4. Added with the poor system which does not facilitate a down the field offense, once more the play calling was terrible for a rushing attack and a passing attack.

                          Now For Chambers himself he did not help. He was one of the most pass dropping players. He disappeared in games against elite CB's all the time. He averaged less recieving yards per game then even Wes Welker.

                          For a top elite number 1 WR he was not that, and he has not been that his whole career except for the 2nd half of last year.


                          He was the 55th ranked Yards per game WR.


                          He was tied for 40th in TD receptions


                          46th in total yards

                          Chris has no bigger fan then myself, and nobody wants him to do better. But I dont think he is a number 1 in this league.

                          Now for the reasons for considering a WR? Booker is pushing 30+ next year and he will have a 4 million cap number that can be cut and we face nothing back for it. He has been injury prone but solid over all.

                          Wes Welker is a FA next year and might jet for the cash he will get in offers elsewhere.

                          These factors need to be considered for the possibility of drafting a WR. Our playmaking players are all on defense currently and it shows in our lack of production.

                          (willcontinue in a moment)


                          • Miami's Offense last year.


                            21st in the NFL for Yards per game


                            26th in Yards per play from Scrimage.


                            27th in Scoring TDs in the NFL. We had 26 TDs and the leader had 59


                            We were the bottom 4 in Points per game. Even Houston Scored more then us!


                            We were in the bottom 10 in the Recieving TDs as well

                            To put it simple our Playmaking big time position players SUCKED.

                            We need a future outlook. The decision makers need to decide. Are we able to win this upcoming year? Will we be able to win in 2 years? Are we a 3-5 year project as we were talking of before the hype from our little run last year?

                            To make it simple what we do for the future is if we believe right now we can compete and win. Honestly with QB question marks, WR question marks, offensive line question marks, question marks on the secondary and DE/OLB (tweener) you need to wonder.

                            Do we patch it up once more? Or do we actually look for a long term plan finally unlike Saban and Wannstache's choices?


                            • since u like stats...go look up his from the years previous since i just said he had a down year this year there no point to post his stats for this year


                              • Originally posted by reese
                                he has gotten better every year as our no. 1 1 down year doesnt all of a sudden make him not a good no. 1 seems like too many fans on here expect all our players to be the best in the nfl at there position and be 100% perfect and if there not then we should cut them or trade them..thats not realistic
                                welcome to the board but I completely disagree with your assesment.


                                Chris Chambers has only had 1 1,000 yard recieving season in 6 years. Now the NFL is an offensive first system that is made for all of the advantages to score and the WR. The NFL wants the passing attacks to be huge and the game to succeed with high scoring games. Rules have been changed and the trend has continued to show that improvement in passing attacks over the years.

                                Now for in the past 6 years Chris has broken 80 receptions only 1 time.

                                In the past 6 years Chris has broken 1000 yards only once.

                                He has only broken over 10 TD's twice ever.

                                As for a down the field WR, he has never had more then 3 40+ yard catches.

                                Look I like Chris but I am basing it off of a full length of his career. He has always been considered a high potential player. But he has never lived up to that potential at all.

                                Now that said I would not trade him for the following reasons;

                                1. We are about to perhaps lose 2 WRs we need to keep him for stability.
                                2. We can only get a 2nd for him, and unless we get Meacham in the 2nd it wont be an upgrade.
                                3. We can not afford it at all to trade him as the cap hit would be monsterous after his big time contract he just signed (thanks saban).

                                I believe we need to get a future QB, look for a future LT and build for a 2-4 year plan to retool this team fully for the future. We cant band aid things again and again, else before you know it we will end up as a terrible team like the stinking jets.



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