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    He probably won't be for very long if at all... from what i have been reading it seems that Childress seems to believe that Troy Williamson will have a breakout year a la EJ Henderson did last year. And he has been comparing our group of Recievers to last years Linebackers


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      I think it will probably be Williamson and Wade to start out the season. Hopefully Williamson proves himself a valid starter (I have my doubts).

      During the season, it would be nice to see Sidney Rice emerge as a starter and shift Bobby Wade to the slot.
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        Yea Sidney Rice has looked good so far, not really impressive but he's been solid. To be honest other than his drop Bobby wade hasn't looked that bad he has gotten decent yardage after the catch.


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          Rice and Williamson have both looked very solid. Would like to see them both out there from the get go.

          Wade is a slot receiver, I dont see any reason waisting time using him elsewhere, he is a pretty damn solid slot, but a slot none the less.

          Tony Richardson will make a big difference to our run game.

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