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53 - ManSquad and Depth Chart

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  • 53 - ManSquad and Depth Chart

    This is my idea for the team, let me know your thoughts and even your line ups. Excuse any spelling errors.

    --Offense-- 26 (i have one extra, but dont know who to cut-maybe Daniels)

    QB-Taravis Jackson
    -Brookes Bollinger (I threw up a little inmy mouth)
    -Tyler Thigpen

    RB-Chester Taylor
    -Adrian Peterson
    -Mewelde Moore
    -Artose Pinner (i personaly like Fason and would prefer him, but Artose is doing a lot more than him to earn a spot.)

    FB-Tony Richardson
    -Naufahu Tahi

    TE-Jimmy Kliensasser
    -Visante Shiancoe
    -Richard Owens

    WR-Troy Williamson
    -Bobby Wade (Slot in 3 sets)
    -Sidney Rice
    -Billy McMullen
    -Aundrae Allison
    -Chandler Williams (i like Martin Nance but)

    LT-Bryant McKinnie
    -Artis Hicks

    LG-Steve Hutchinson
    -Anthony Herrera
    -Brian Daniels

    C-Matt Birk
    -Norm Katnik
    -Ryan Cook

    RG-Anthony Herrera
    -Artis Hicks
    -Marcus Johnson

    RT-Ryan Cook
    -Marcus Johnson

    --Defense-- 25

    LE-Kenechi Udeze
    -Darrion Scott
    -Brian Robinson

    NT-Pat Williams
    -Fred Evens
    -Darrion Scott

    DT-Kevin Williams
    -Spencer Johnson
    -Darrion Scott

    RE-Ray Edwards
    -Erasmus James
    -Brian Robinson

    Note: I expect Karl Dunbar to run a good rotational policy in which the DE's split playing time

    LOLB-Brian Leber
    -Dontarrious Thomas
    -Heath Farwell

    MLB-EJ Henderson
    -Dontarrious Thomas
    -Vinny Curuci

    ROLB-Chad Greenway
    -Dontarrious Thomas
    -Heath Farwell

    CB-Antoine Winfeild
    -Cedric Griffin
    -Marcus McCauley
    -Davonte Edwards
    -Charlse Gordon
    -Dwight Smith

    FS-Dwight Smith
    -Mike Doss
    -Tank Williams

    SS-Darren Sharper
    -Tank Williams
    -Greg Blue

    --Special Teams-- 3

    K-Ryan Longwell

    P- Chris Klewe

    KOS- Chris Klewe

    LS- Cullen Loeffler

    KR-Aundrae Allison
    -Bobby Wade
    -Chandler Williams

    PR-Mewelde Moore
    -Bobby Wade
    -Charlse Gordon
    --Four Norse Men of the Apocalypse--
    ......Allen Wlliams Williams Edwards......
    .......--Future Riders in waiting--........
    ......Robinson Evans Guion Mitchell......

    Join this football simulator...its pretty sweet.

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    It seems about right altough i think Artis "hold em" Hicks will still end up starting at RG. i also think Naufahu Tahi will get cut and they will have one of the TE back up Richardson like last year but i can't remember if it was Dugan or Richard owens who took his spot.


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      I would like Khreem Smith and Chad Johnson to make the team in some way shape or form but im not sure how they really fit the numbers.
      What if everyone simultaneously disobeys?
      It aint a game if no one plays, oh.


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        Id like to see lowber make the team but he probably won't


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          Certainly see Dugan replacing Tahi. Looks about right other than that.

          Props to BK on the sig!


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            here's what i think the team will look like after the upcoming Cuts

            53 man roster

            QB(3):Tarvaris Jackson, Kelly Holcomb, Brooks Bollinger

            RB(4):Chester Taylor,Adrian peterson,
            Mewelde Moore(if not traded),Artose Pinner

            FB(2):Tony Richardson, Jeff Dugan

            WR(6):Troy Williamson, Bobby Wade, Sidney Rice,
            Robert Ferguson, Andraue Allison, Billy McMullen

            TE(3):Jim Klinesassesr, Visanthe Shiancoe, Richard Owens

            O-Line(7):Byrant McKennie, Hutch, Matt Birk, Artis "Hold'em" Hicks, Ryan Cook,Anthony Herrera, Marcus Johnson

            Defensive end(5):Keneichi Udeze, Ray "The Animal" Edwards, Erasmus James, Darrion Scott, Brian Robison

            Defensive tackle(4):Pat & Kevin Williams, Spencer Johnson, Fred Evans

            Linebackers(6):E.j. Henderson, Chad Greenway, Ben Leber,
            Dontarrious Thomas, Heath Farwell, Vinny Ciurciu

            Cornerback(5): Antione Winfield, Cedric Griffin, Marcus McCauley, Devonte Edwards, Charles Gordon

            Safties(5):Darren Sharper, Dwight Smith, Mike Doss,
            Tank Williams, Greg Blue

            Special Teams(3):Ryan Longwell, Chris Kluwe, Cullen Loeffler

            Practice Squad:
            Tyler Thigpen QB
            Chandler Wililams WR
            Norm Katnik C
            Chase Johnson OT
            Khreem Smith DE
            Brian Daniels OG

            Other strong P.S. Canidates:Naufahu Tahi FB, Martin Nance WR,
            Jason Carter WR, Todd Lowber WR, Chad Johnson CB, Patrick Body S
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