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    Wow. We pin the Falcons at the 2 again.


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      Our run D is soooooooooooo good.


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        Don't even try to run against us.


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          Originally posted by Vikes99ej View Post
          Don't even try to run against us.
          You were saying? lol


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            Goddamnit. ******* stop them.



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              Got lucky, outta all that missed the fg. We need to get some offense going.


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                LOL at Joey Harrington.



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                  Why do we constanly run off the right side?


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                    just saw the highlight nice pick six by Kevin Williams


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                      I really love our punt coverage.



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                        Impressive game for the Vikes.

                        Jackson was really solid. He really looks calm in the pocket and makes good decisions. Couple of his throws were a bit off but I think with more training he will improve on that. First time I have said it but I'm actually fairly confident in him right now.

                        Peterson is a stud. Very good draft decision. Hopefully he stays healthy. Any news on Chester and what he actually did?

                        Rice made a couple of nice plays. Wade likewise. Allison made a really nice, tough catch, probably the best catch of the day. Williamson looked pretty solid and beat his man deep several times, throws just weren't there.

                        Line was solid. Cook and Hicks both made a few mistakes but overall they were good. Hicks made a couple of nice blocks on some good runs. Cook held his own against two guys who figure to spend a lot of time in opponent backfields.

                        Shiancoe played well enough. Kleinsasser was solid. Tony Richardson is a difference maker on the offense.

                        Williams boys were perfect. Didn't put a foot wrong against 2 very shifty backs and Kevin capped it off with a ridiculous TD. Edwards looked better against the run than the pass but still pushed the pocket a couple of times. Udeze had one good play basically. Robison was excellent, looks a lot like Kampman in how he just doesnt give up, wont blow anyone away with athletic ability, but his motor seems great.

                        Henderson was excellent. Greenway is a big upgrade outside, which is pretty awesome given how solid we were there last year. Still not sold on Leber, though he probably had the hit of the day.

                        Secondary was good, McCauley was on the money, though he missed one tackle. Sharper and Smith both played well. Winfield is a monster. Griffin didnt put a foot wrong.

                        Special teams looked markedly better from the preseason. Kluwe still seems to outkick the coverage when we kick from deep in our own territory, the one time it happened the only reason we stopped the punt was because their return man ran into his own teammate. FG unit did it's job and the kickoff coverage was excellent.

                        Worth noting was Frazier as the defensive coordinator. I said last year that I didn't think Tomlin called enough Blitzes and was very pleased to see Frazier throwing them out from everywhere. We really do have the kind of athletic players that suits a blitzing defense and we wont get consistent pressure from just the front 4. The fact that the Williams boys eat up at least 3 blockers on every play just makes it a more dangerous option.

                        Very good start to the year.

                        Props to BK on the sig!


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                          I am a huge AD fan. I was so happy to see him have a good game. I hope all the vike fans are glad you have him. I would love to have him on my team.

                          He was the best college back i have seen since Barry Sanders.
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