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    what are your thoughts on the vikings taking him in round one? i'd like to move down a few spots to take him, but if not, i wouldn't mind taking him at 17. after the combine, i don't think he's there when we pick in round two.

    1. chris long
    2. vernon gholston
    3a. quentin groves
    3b. derrick harvey
    5. phillip merling

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    Hell no to Quentin Groves in round 1, maybe in round 2 if he's there.

    DE Rankings

    1.Chris Long
    2.Vernon gholston
    3.Derrick Harvey
    4.Phillip Merling
    5.Calais Campbell
    6.Lawrence Jackson


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      He would be too undersized to stay on the field with his hand down


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        Originally posted by jsang74 View Post
        He would be too undersized to stay on the field with his hand down
        So was said about Freeney...

        My raking would be:
        1. Gholston
        2. Long
        3. Harvey
        4. Merling
        4. Groves
        6. Jackson
        7. Campbell


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          Merling is a superior prospect to Groves there is no way they should be Tied.


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            Merling is overated and will just end up being another Kenechi Udeze on our team if we draft him.


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              1. Chris Long
              2. Vernon Gholston
              3. Derrick Harvey
              4. Lawrence Jackson
              5. Calais Campbell
              6. Quentin Groves
              7. Phillip Merling
              8. Jason Jones
              9. Chris Ellis
              10. Kendall Langford


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                I agree with that list except I would switch Campbell and Jackson. I really like Campbell's upside and I think if he can pull it together he can be a great End.


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                  I don't see why so many are opposed to the Idea of drafting Phillip Merling. What did anyone think we were going to get with Justin Smith he was no edge rusher yet I didn't hear of even half as much opposition to getting him. Merling has the upside to be a excellent all around DE in this league.

                  Quentin Groves
                  Originally posted by Scott Wright
                  Extremely inconsistent and lacks a great motor...Undersized and doesn't have the ideal bulk that you look for..Isn't stout at the point...Marginal instincts, awareness and recognition...Limited pass rush repertoire...Too aggressive at times...Slow off the line...Has trouble shedding blocks...Poor technique..A questionable work ethic
                  Too be heralded for being explosive and very athletic it's a pretty bad thing that he is slow off the line. Pass Rush Moves and good technique can be taught but the inconsistency, the lack of a motor, being slow off the line, and having a questionable work ethic worry me a lot.

                  Groves is the one who has quickly become very over-rated I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot poll at #17. Second round maybe but definatly not at #17 and not over Phillip Merling.
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