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    For a 4th yes.

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      I'm not so big on Carr...consiering he took 249 sacks in his stint with the Texans. Considering they haven't upgraded the O-Line at all If I were Schaub I'd probably just go to the garage grab a ball pin hammer and start practicing for the season by hitting myself over and over on the top of my head.

      Plus what incentive does Houston have for keeping him ? He's still got that huge contract which they'd love to get rid of....but how many teams are going to take a guy with such a weighted contract ? probably very few. He'll be dumped on June 1st (if not before) ...THEN we could pick him up....although I don't see him as an upgrade over what we currently have.

      Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia on Carr..
      "He was sacked 249 times during his 5 seasons with Texans, due in part to the Texans offensive line. In his rookie year, he was sacked 76 times, NFL record for most sacks in a season. In 2006 season, he was sacked 41 times."

      I'm suprised the guy doesn't drool when he talks.
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