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  • Charles Gordon

    Anyone think this guy will be a starter. He seemed to play well when he had the chance...seems to be a really good player. What do you think?

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    that's a really good question. like you said he played solid in limited playing time last season. i think it's more likely that he'll help push griffin and mccauley rather than become a starter himself.

    hopefully he can continue to provide good depth.
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      I say at best Gordon will be our Dime Cornerback. Behind Winfield Griffin and McCauley.

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        Well they did bench McCauley at one point in the season for Gordon and he played pretty well so who knows he is a good Dimeback might push McCauley for Nickel.


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          Nobody has talked much about it but all these reserves we've brought in and the best from amongst what we already had will serve us well in bolstering the special teams cfoverage units which have been abysmal for years now.

          We acquired some nice returners like Hicks as well.

          The bolstering of the special teams could really help us bigtime.

          I mean opponents were starting at mid-field over half the time.

          That's horrible.

          It would be nice to have a kicker like Berger who could regularly kick the ball out of the endzone. Maybe Longwell needs to start sticking Snicker bars in his shoes like Mitch used to do. Then crank up the "Welcome to the Jungle" theme to empower his feeble legs. ; ) Part of the reason Green Bay let him go was his declining leg strength on kick-offs.



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