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For all of you t-jack hating thigpen lovers

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    Originally posted by Staubach12 View Post
    JD Booty was an absolute steal at this point. I wouldn't be surprised to see Booty take the job in training camp. The guy is smart, accurate, polished, everything you want in a pro QB coming out. He may be even further along in development than Jackson right now in that Jackson came from a small school that didn't have great coaching, didn't run a pro system, and allowed him to try and make lots of plays with his legs while Booty played on the big stage with great coaching, a pro system, against top competion, etc. Watch out for Booty.
    All I'm gonna say is nope and that you obviously haven't paid any attention to the things coming out of the Vikings organization.


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      Originally posted by tylere0814 View Post
      Like it or not that's the hand we were dealt.

      Tjack is explosive, Thigpen is solid but nothing like what TJ brings to the table.

      Ya'll should be happy with our situation... it could be alot worse (See: Packers, Bears, Lions, Cheifs, Panthers, etc..)
      I'm not saying that Aaron Rodgers is going to be a star but he did look very good in his limited action in the Dallas game. I'm a little confused with your logic about experience though. Experience is the only rational so far you've given for having Jackson above Rodgers, but by that same way of thinking, the Bears, Lions, and Panthers are all in better situations than the Vikings as all of their QBs have more experience than Tarvaris.

      Yes, experience is nice, but if the QB has been bad in that time it doesn't mean much.


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        Originally posted by GB12 View Post
        The only thing Jackson has proven is that he is able to hand the ball off. Sure he's gotten more playing time, but he is no more proven than Rodgers. And experience is good to have, but that by no means makes the better player. I'd take Aaron Rodgers everyday of the week and I'm sure most NFL fans would too.
        I would rather have Rodgers over Jackson, but id rather have Booty over both of them honestly.

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          Hey Joey Harrington and Patrick Ramsey started for like 2-3 years. They have alot of experience it seems, maybe they are better than Rodgers too since they have more experience!


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