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    Originally posted by Crazy_Chris View Post
    .... 7 is way too high to take a nickel back period, and plus it would be a stretch to take him at 7 how would that be good? i would be sick if we picked leon hall... our pass defense wasnt bad because our secondary was horrible, rather our pass defense was bad because we had barely any pressure on the QB and they could sit back in the pocket and pick apart the cover 2.
    Yes but talent like Leon Hall doesn't come every draft for us to get. I don't think him at 7 would be good, but the original quote said we won't take one in the 1st or 2nd round. If we were to drop down a few spots and he's there, I take him if there's nobody else I want. You can say all along that it was our pass rush, which partially it was, but when teams spread the field and throw quick passes, our defensive backs are suppposed to be able to take care of it. With Smoot gone, who do we have? Winfield and Griffin. Then...? Whitaker? You want to rely on him as our nickel? It'd be another long year. Better corners help the pass rush as well by giving the defensive line more time to rush. With the way we seem to draft defensive ends I don't think it would be a bad idea.


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      Devonte Edwards is more than a capable Nickel, and than we have Ronyell Whitaker in the dime.... Id be happy taking leon hall if Cj, gaines Adams, Brady Quinn, Laron landry, Amobi okoye, Patrick Willis, Jamal anderson, adrian peterson, levi brown, and reggie nelson were all of the board. There are good corners every year in the draft, leon hall isnt that special of a specimen. we have a chance at some elite talent at other positons we should pounce on that elite talent, rather than take a good nickel back. IMO it would just be a wasted pick.


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        If all those guys were off the board and we hadn't picked, that'd mean we'd have traded down to at least 11.

        I don't see that happening.
        Spending first round money at CB is a waste.

        There is absolutely zero chance ...nadda , none,
        that we draft a CB round 1.

        mmmmmaaaaaaybe day 2 we look that way, but I don't see it happening before.



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