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    I have a Fantasy Football league through yahoo. I have 2 spots left and i'm wondering if any of you want. It's all guys on NFLDC and General Zod is one of the guys. So if you want to join PM me and I will shoot you the link.

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    I'm involved in a different kind of fantasy football, which has some openings for someone interested in giving it a shot.

    What it is:
    the league is held together at an online forum which holds all the information you need to follow the season (and off season as well) You get to sign up to be the General Manager of one of the NFL teams. You make the decisions: which players to trade, which to resign, who to try and get in free agency, set the depth chart, choose an offensive and defensive philosophy. The games for the season are simulated on the Madden NFL video game and the results are posted. The highest points of action are: before the season (finalizing trades and your roster) during the simulation of the season (adjusting depth chart for injuries) resigning and free agency, and the draft. Yes you get to choose who you draft as well. Anyone with interest can pm me for the link to the forum, or ask questions.


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      Originally posted by vikes_29 View Post
      General Zod is one of the guys.
      You should have left that part out! :-)

      Im not liked here becuase of my dislike for T-Jack. Because of this I am constantly pm'ed and rep punched. lol



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