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What is Derrell Jackson worth?

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    Jason Hill to me is a 3rd rounder...he ,Aundrae Allison, and Craig Davis are my top 3 guys in the 3rd if we go.... Landry / Quinn / Okoye in the first and then Anthony Spencer / an OT in the 2nd.


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      I think he's worth a third round pick. He isn't an elite wide receiver, but he's a very solid one. When healthy, he'll get you 1,000+ yards receiving.


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        Originally posted by crazyisme View Post
        actually I disagree, i think we still take a guy like Jason Hill in the 2nd round, how much better would that make our WR core?

        Darrell Jackson
        Jason Hill
        Bobby Wade
        Troy Williamson

        id actually be fairly excited about that group....
        Your receiving core sucks. You have two first rounders in Troy Williamson and Travis Taylor and they still can't get the job done. You also had another first rounder in Koren Robinson and he couldn't overcome his alcoholism.


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          Travis Taylor is an UFA who most likely won't be resigned. Koren
          Robinson for us was everything we asked of him (he was an All Pro kick returner) and wasn't our 1st round pick (we got him from Seattle).

          However I agree with the "your WR corp sucks" comment....of course
          pointing out the glaring obvious isn't that hard to do.


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            Originally posted by crazyisme View Post
            Id say a late 3rd or 4th round pick. I already posted this in the discussion thread, but i like what the jets and bears did, we could swap 2nd rounders with seattle to get Jackson and that would put jackson as a mid-late 3rd round pick which is fine with me
            I'd give a 3rd ideally, but swapping 2nds isn't bad at all.. because we're likely gonna take a WR with the 2nd pick anyway.

            Jackson should give us at least 2-3 years, and we have a few drafts to replenish WR.



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