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What is Troy Williamsons problem?

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    Can I ask a freaking question though What in the hell makes us believe childress knows any freaking thing about wide outs? What Philidelphia receiver do we have a track record on? This man has shown me nothing NOTHING to make me believe he has a freaking clue. Nate was by far the best wide out on the team and we didnt even try to keep him. I guarentee we could put all our wide outs on the market and even the freaking arena league wouldnt ******* call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      My opinion on this Troy Williamson problem is mainly that we don't know how to use him. At the begining of the year he dropped a couple balls but he was making plays, he averaged about 100 yards per game through the first 3 games or so. Then once he started to struggle we benched him and took all confidence he might have had away from him. He then was tossed into games randomly and couldn't find a rhythem to get anything done.
      I also need to put some of the blame on the coaching staff. He's not going to get any better running extremely deep routes where he'll only get about 3 balls a game. We need to acquire a big possesion receiver to take some concentration from the defense. Then we need to put Troy in the slot and have him run shorter and crisper routes where he'll catch the ball 5 yards down the field. Let him use his speed to run with the ball, it does no good to have him run 40 yards down field play after play. It wastes a spot on the field we might as well play with 10 guys.
      So if we have him run more reliable routes and use him in the slot he will succeed in this league. He will never live up to his expectations he got from the Randy Moss trade and being a 7th overall pick, but I guarantee he can still be a good football player for the Vikings.
      Skol Vikings!
      Go Beavs!

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