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Executives laughing at the vikings

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    That post was before the draft.
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      Originally posted by 49ersfan_87 View Post
      What do you guys think of this?

      "On Wednesday morning, two executives for an NFL team called a Pioneer Press reporter to mock the Vikings for signing free-agent wide receiver Bobby Wade the previous night for five years and $15 million.

      "I can't believe they paid him that much," one of the executives said.

      Such comments reverberate around the Vikings these days, both publicly by their fans and privately by several team executives and agents speaking anonymously to the Pioneer Press. Wade is one of three NFL backups along with tight end Visanthe Shiancoe and linebacker Vinny Ciurciu the Vikings signed to relatively high-paying contracts during the first week of free agency. It has been a puzzling start for a 6-10 team that still is $27.8 million under the salary cap and could have afforded A-List players at A-Level salaries."
      I got a telephone call from your mothers doctor laughing and telling me how your mom was attempting to sell herself as a sex object so she could get money for an abortion. The only offer she got was a 5 dollar bill so she could go buy some arsenic....unfortunately that wasn't enough and the end result was you....


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        Crimmony, gravedig much?


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          I always laugh at the Vikings offseason.

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