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    I'd rather have Rice over Gonzales, too. I think Rice has more potential to be a #1 receiver. I'm not sure about Gonzales on the outside in the NFL. I think he is best suited to be a speedy slot receiver, and I'd hate to use a 2nd rounder on that. Plus, we already have Bobby Wade. I like Gonzales, just not that early and just not with Rice on the board.

    I don't like how we are taking 2 defensive players with our day 1 picks. If that, our offense is going to be bad.
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      yeah, but how much better is our offense really going to get by adding rookies?

      i really like the idea of trading down as well then we could go offense with the first two picks...Bowe, Meachem, Jarrett then Just Blalock then we could do wahtever with the next two, if we grab bowe in the first, we could maybe grab his teammate Craig Davis witht he other to bolster the WR core, maybe pikc up a DE like Alama Francis add a safety like Weddle or Merriweather or a CB like Wright

      thats why ive really started to like the idea of trading down, the best thing for the Vikes would actually to see quinn fall to us, because then something like that could happen, if there arent any players around, noone would want to trade up with us

      id rather have
      Bowe, Blalock, BPA, BPA on the first day then
      Quinn, Gonzalez, hughes


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        eh, QB isn't something we should be so quickly to disregard. Detroit has a long standing history (as does Cleveland) of being content with bad QB's on the roster and trying to bolster other hasn't worked.
        The easiest "fix" right now is to draft a RT move one of the slobs to RG ...(they should all be hitting the weight room harder than Ike hit Tina) and take 2 Wr's in rounds 2 or 3 and 4 or 5. doesn't really matter to me as there should be good value in 3,4 and 5 with similar players there.
        Plus I think it's a MUST that we end up trading for our #1. CJ isn't falling , we're not going to give up the farm to move up and even if we did we'd have CJ and who ? Bobby Wade ? Troy Williamson ? just doesn't look good.

        My ideal scenario has us Drafting
        Quinn round 1, taking
        Aaron Sears round 2,
        Tim Crowder round 3 (okay that might be wishing) or Francis (Hawaii)
        then in round 4 take a Jason Hill, Paul Williams or Aundrae Allison,
        round 5 grab the best remaining DT
        round 6 take a D-back or BPA
        round 7 whatever position we haven't addressed.

        I'm not sure what exactly we have to give up for Chester taylor as far as a compensatory pick...and I can't remember if anyone else will have qualified that we picked up as a RFA.

        Starting next year with Quinn / Hill (or other WR) and Sears PLUS a trade to bring a #1 reciever on the team would at least give me hope that we weren't totally screwin the pooch this entire off season.


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          yeah, but there is a difference between having a crappy QB as the starter for his 3rd straight year and hoping that he finally gets it, and having a QB who has two starters under his belt and was drafted last year

          now if Jackson started all season and it was his 2nd year and he looked completely lost and couldnt cut it and doesnt look that good, id be all on board for grabbin some insurance as to avoid the cleveland and detroit debacles, however, thats not that case and you cant just throw him to the floor, at least thats my opinion


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            You're failing to see the difference between a can't miss franchise QB and a guy who many see as a big arm , not much else matter where he was drafted or when.

            Seriously you can't even compare the 2. Jackson is like a Fiat where as Quinn would be a Ferrari.


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              Originally posted by Severe Punishment View Post

              If we ARE able to trade down and could pick up a 2nd 2, then we could grab a Bowe / Jarrett or Meachem in the 1st while still being able to grab Sid Rice or Aaron Sears (who'd make more sense because of his ability to play RT) , Tim Crowder , or Justin Blalock (any combination of those 2 would be outstanding) withour 2nd Then with our 3rd we could select between Brandon Mebane / Buster Davis or Joe Staley.
              To me having 4 of these guys would help the team so much more than 3 will.
              I love this plan. Meachem or Bowe in the teens in the first round, Blalock and Crowder in the second, a defensive back or another receiver if one slides in the third. I would be very happy with that draft day.


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                I think all of us would be happy to draft Quinn... but the reality is that he's not gonna be there at 7. So we need to address other needs (since we have PLENTY OF THEM) Landry would come in and start right away, and Blalock in the 2nd round in my opinon would be an ideal fit (we dont need a WR here) because our lack of production from the right side of the line. In the third round we must look for BPA since we have so many holes. Hughes would be a nice pick, but we'll just have to see who's still available come the third day.

                God is it April 28th yet? (which by the way is my birthday, so minnesota better not screw this up for me/us)



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