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    marshallb I think he's a hell of an athlete, and like I said, I don't know if he'll ever be anything at QB, but he's an incredible athlete. I'd like to see him at WR, especially with Rice out for a while, using his large frame in that same role, but at this point he's gotta be too far behind to make the transition full time this year. Maybe we could start having him spend a little time at WR and in the WR meetings, as well as at QB, although learning both positions as a rookie in an entirely new system would have to be tough as hell. A guy can dream though, right?
    Yeah I never listen to sports talk radio, but stopped on it while driving yesterday.

    They said the same ****, and yes Webb could move to receiver, but honestly clearly Favre should not have come back if the team is scrambling so much just to fill a receiver spot and make him happy and will sign any loser receiver Brett likes off the street, aka Javon Walker. Seriously this is clear effect he has on the future of the Vikings roster. They are doing whatever the hell right now because Rice is out for awhile and Harvin has been having his issues and Favre is scared because without weapons to throw to he is about as useless as can be. Heck I heard a guy say he would still throw for 24 TDs and 12 INTs this year with the weaker receiving core, I personally think if Rice does not come back the way he was and neither does Harvin, say Harvin is on and off that number for his season touch downs and INTs is going to be way lower on the TD side and higher on the INT side. That is if he even makes it through the season uninjured!

    Kind of funny how they are scrambling though, and kind of sad. But in the long run, if Vince Young gets a shot at quarterback, so should Webb. However yes this year maybe move him to receiver, because he clearly will not be playing much quarterback. Has that ever happen though? A quarterback moves to receiver early in his career then moves back to quarterback later and develops into one? I cannot remember that happening ever.



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