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    I am happy they basically kept all their good defensive lineman outside of Montgomery. Very happy they kept on Griffen and Evans. Nothing else really stood out, sure it is a surprise they cut Walker and kept on Shuler, Mills another surprise but clearly the lack of blocking ability for him made it Shuler ahead of Mills. Very happy they kept on Termaine Johnson and D'Imperio.

    Bye bye Tahi, heck I would start Devon Ramsey on UNC over Tahi right now.

    PS Why would the Giants want Sage when they already have Sorgi who backed up Eli's brother in Indy for years? Stinks we had to get rid of Reynaud, who do we have as our return guy if Harvin goes down? That was a dumb move, and Asher Allen is not as good as Reynaud when returning punts at all.


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      Sorgi's out for the season with a shoulder injury. That's why the Giants needed a backup QB, and why they were also reported to be interested in Leinart.

      I still haven't seen an 8th man placed on the practice squad which I figured would have been Triplett, but maybe they plan on signing a WR or CB in the next day or two and will then place Schuler on the practice squad. We also released OG Thomas Austin from the PS and signed OT Thomas Welch from Vanderbilt.

      Garrett Mills signed with the Eagles PS, Ian Johnson signed with the Cardinals PS, and Patrick Brown signed with the Jets. The Jets put in a waiver claim for Logan Payne, but also put in a claim for Patrick Turner and prioritized Turner.

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