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  • Second day players?

    last season we got Ray Edwards and Greg Blue who i think both can play a role on this team which is pretty decent for second day picks.

    Who do you guys think could have an impact for the Vikes on the second day this year...

    1. Yamon Figurs...i know everyone is jumping all over this guy but i think hed be good for one thing, a ST return man. he might be available for us in the 5th, and I think he could have a devin hester or a dante hall LIKE impact for the vikes on special teams.

    2. Marvin White...i think he really could be a steal, though he now might be going in the 3rd round, if hes around in the 4th i think he could be a starter for us. I really like his passion and hed be a nice player to replace sharper at SS.

    3. Anthony Arline...we could use the CB depth and Arline has potential to be pretty solid, he has the physical tools to be decent with good size and speed and athleticisim, would be nice to get a CB in here to compete with Edwards other than whittaker and gordon

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    I like Figures and with Bethel Johnson signing elsewhere we have MeMo to handled both kickoffs and punt returns...and while he's a "nice" player to have back there...I'd rather take a speedy WR or CB whose had college experience (Aaron Ross to me is as dangerous as a punt returner as Ted Ginn Jr.)

    I'm not sure how many times I have to say this but Sharper is a FS...Dwight Smith / Tank Williams AND Greg Blue are all SS's.
    If we take a S in the draft he'll have to understand the difference and be able to play it too.

    eh, if we go CB I'd prefer it to be early. CB's are just behind QB's (IMO) as far as evaluations go...they're every step is calculated for effectiveness.
    Hughes in the 3rd (as in scott's mock) would be almost ideal ....or if we could trade down to N.E. for their 2 picks I'd love to see us take Aaron Ross and Dwayne Bowe.

    I agree with the idea behind this thread though...we can't be a team that just takes names or just takes guys with good measurables...we need to have some vision for these players, to take them with the intention that they'll contribute in our system right away.


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      I might be a little biased here, but i've been watching BYU football for as long as i can remember, and they have been a TE factory. Chad Lewis, Itula Mili, Doug Jolley, and even Gabe Reid. But this year Johnny Harline is one of the better prospects BYU has dished out. And might be a good 4th or 5th round selection. Something tells me the Shaincoe isn't the answer, and wiggins flat out sucked last year. It'd be nice to pick up a second day TE that would be able to step in and help out asap.

      Johnny Harline would be great second day pick for any team, and Vikings could definitely use the pass catching ability.


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        I see Wiggins got signed by Jax....I'm almost elated I won't have to see him waddle 15 yards downfield and try and make a move to get open.


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          Could Andrae Allison fall to round 4?

          Lorenzo Booker?

          I like Brandon Myles. A nice tampa-2 defensive tackle like Brandon Mebane or Marcus Thomas (thug) or Ryan McBean (probably day 1). There's also some decent day 2 cornerbacks I think we could grab.
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            I'm a huge Mebane my mock I see Allison / Paul Williams both having a great chance of being there in the 4th though I doubt Marcus Thomas falls out of the top 3 rounds, and even if he does...he is the kind of headache the team wants to stay away from under the new regime.

            I agree with you and think DT, CB and WR all get addressed though day 2.


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              I'm not sure how many times I have to say this but Sharper is a FS...Dwight Smith / Tank Williams AND Greg Blue are all SS's.

              you should go talk with the people at


              because they disagree

              and i do agree a little, i see sharper as more of a FS than a SS but he has been playing the SS for us after chavous left, and he still needs a replacement


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                I don't care what that site says Sharper is NEVER anywhere near the line of scrimmage (unless it's goalline) and most of his "tackles" come when a Wr has already laid down. I'd love to see Smith and Tank win the starting spots this year.


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                  Ive been reading up on this Atwan Barnes guy. He plays for a smaller school and started off as an OLB and switched to a DE. Hes a small DE and more than likely isnt going to be some super stud or anything, but he would be a great situational player, he could play any of the LB positions and can drop into coverage (great for our defense) and hes a great blitzer (help our crappy pass rush) could even play on the line in some situations...

                  I think hed be a great 4th or 5th round pick if hes still around to add depth to DE and LB and be a great role player for us


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                    I think Isaiah Stanback and Steve Breaston could play valuable roles.



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